A Day of R&R at The Peninsula Chicago

If I’m being completely transparent... Lollapalooza totally kicked my you know what! I was exhausted afterwards, I was dirty and my whole body ached. My back was in so much pain for days afterwards. Just like after any crazy weekend... There was a lot of work to catch up on. So, I thought to myself. Where can Ally and I go to work but still be totally relaxed? The answer was easy. The spa at The Peninsula, of course! Last week, we spent the day Wednesday working from the spa at The Peninsula and getting our Zen on. It was the most relaxing way to play catch up.

We took the elevator up to the 20th floor where the spa is. Lounging in the comfiest of lounge chairs with a beautiful city view created such a productive atmosphere for the two of us. The terrace is located right off of the indoor pool and is the most quaint spot! It didn't take long before we decided to take a peek at the lunch menu, Ally and I had no idea what to order. EVERYTHING sounded so good. Of course, chips and guac were a must though. I swear, everywhere I go if guac is on the menu, it is ALWAYS ordered! 


Besides the chips and guac we ordered the jumbo shrimp cocktail, Lobster Cobb, Tuna Nicoise, and a side of fries. I asked our waiter before ordering the fries if they were good (reasonable question....I am pretty picky when it comes to my fries) and he looked at me as if I just spoke in another language! He must love these fries so I had to order a side of them! Everything was so yummyyyy! The seafood was all so fresh and the guacamole had such a refreshing taste. 


Next up... Z bar. Ally and I decided to take a quick break after lunch to go check out the new rooftop bar that opened up this Summer at The Peninsula. Z Bar's atmosphere is so elegant and breathtaking. The General Manager of The Peninsula has two pugs named Duchess and Tulip. As a tribute to her, they have murals of her pups painted around the space. With splashes of deep purples and amazing touches like the skylight over the bar with a view of The Hancock (pictured above), the sleek interior of Z Bar is outstanding. Outside there are several comfortable seating areas to sit and enjoy these views while eating and drinking some amazing treats! 


After checking out this great new space we decided it was time to get some more work down before we called it a day. Since it was getting pretty hot and sweaty outside, we decided to work from the relaxation room at the spa. Within the relaxation room space there are several beds you can sit and relax on. Ally and I both took a bed, wrapped ourselves under the covers, and continued to knock things off our to do list. I mean who doesn't like to work from bed?! If it was my choice I would work there everyday!! Since this is a relaxation space, talking isn't really allowed. So, Ally and I had to text each other to communicate even through we were sitting right next to each other! We couldn't help ourselves from laughing as we were typing!! 


One of my favorite ways to end a productive day is working out. The Peninsula has the most beautiful gym. With huge windows lining the wall, it opens up to an amazing view of Michigan Avenue the John Hancock building and Lake Michigan. We were so excited when we saw that they have Pelaton bikes!! I have never taken a Pelaton class, so we decided to take a 45 minute class with a live DJ. It kicked our butts! Afterwards, The Peninsula has a fridge full of ice cold water and cold towels to refresh yourself.

While we were at the spa all day, we kept everything we didn't need with us in the luxurious locker room. They have huge lockers filled with a soft robe and my personal favorite... spa shoes!! Within in the locker room there are also several showers that are huge, beautiful and stocked with everything you could ever need (even razors and shaving cream)! 

After rinsing off, I was already for the perfect end to my day. After exhausting myself at Lolla over the weekend, my back has been bothering me so much. I decided to actually treat my self to something to help... a massage. I had the 60 minute aromatherpy massage and it was SUCH a treat! I can't wait to get back for another one!


A few days after our R&R work day at the spa, my girlfriends and I headed back to The Peninsula for a little night out at Z bar and a staycation. We had the best night, laughing, eating and drinking on the rooftop and topped it off just as you would imagine a stereotypical girls sleepover... in our robes, all in one bed, laughing and chatting. Even Obi was included on the fun!

A huge thank you to The Peninsula Team for always being so welcoming! We can't wait to come back and visit!

xx Ali