New York City MUSTS.

There is an endless list of places you should eat in New York City... It is impossible to try them all. So, I'll keep my must try list during a short New York visit to a minimum. Normally, I eat very healthy. I love my fruits and veggies, never eat fried food and do my best to keep desert to a minimum (that's the hardest part). But, sometimes you MUST make exceptions. Exceptions like, Momofuku (left) and Shake Shack (right). Momofuku Milk Bar is a New York craze and my oh my is it delicious. The cereal milk soft serve is a must, it's their signature. It tastes exactly like your milk when you drink it once the cereals gone. Sounds weird but once you taste it you'll understand it's goodness. You can also find odd things like corn cookies (haven't tried those yet but the chocolate cookies sure are scrumptious). Now, Shake Shack. I'm not a burger girl but I have heard that their burgers are to die for and I know from experience that their hot dogs are amazing. There are tons of locations all over the city so make sure not to miss out. My best piece of advice for Shake Shack is do it and do it big. Burger fries and a shake are all a must (although the shake may be swapped for a concrete which you see next to my hot dog there). Come to this city hungry and you're guaranteed to leave happy.

xx Ali

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