inspiration wednesday.

Today hereby marks the first (drum roll please) inspiration Wednesday! This evening, I ate dinner at the Prince Street Kitchen, cute little place for a quick bite in Soho with friends. Afterwards we walked to our all time favorite, (visited much too often) 16 handles. We chatted and enjoyed our desert on the bench outside, a few minutes later in walks Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller. Seeing as this was my second Wednesday in a row seeing her, I felt I had to introduce myself, which I did. She smiled, shook my hand as acted if she was just as happy to meet me as I was her. What a humble gal. So, I am telling you this story as a backing to inspiration Wednesday... As mentioned before, Leandra is my biggest blogspiration and I must react accordingly. Hopefully I can show you somethings that inspire you the way her blog inspires me to keep blogging! So this first inspiration Wednesday is a shout out to the Man Repeller herself.

She is quirky yet high fashion and very chic all at the same time. She has an ability to put together outfits that nobody else would think of and damn does she know how to layer. Her individuality and goofy nature is what made me like her in the beginning... But, once I started reading her blog and actually laughing out loud, she became my favorite blogger. She dresses for herself, not to impress anyone else and I think that is something we can all learn from. To wear what YOU want and look and feel great no matter what other people think is something empowering... Something I am still working on. But, when I am unsure of how others will think of me I can say; if she can do it, so can I!

Happy Wednesday all!

xx Ali

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