Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Art has always been a driving force in my life. Whether it is photography, a painting,  a sculpture or a drawing... done by someone very famous or someone completely unknown. Hanging in the Guggenheim or plastered on the street... It inspires me. This inspiration Wednesday is dedicated to one of the greats, an artist who I have been inspired by since that lecture given years ago by my high school art teacher. Jean-Michel Basquiat shows us that we as artists have no limits. He teaches us to do what you do and even if the world doesn't appreciate it right away, the time will come.

Last month, I was fortunate to see the amazing Basquiat exhibit at Sotheby's. A room filled with breath taking pieces that I would kill to own. If you ever get the chance to see an exhibit of his, don't miss out. He was a monstrously influential and inspiring artist and man who left this world much too early.


Sophie MargolisComment