weekend recap.

This past weekend was filled with great food and even better company. Ate at a few different restaurants, Fig and Olive in the Meatpacking district where we ate seafood paella and a selection of crostinis which sure were yummy. (both pictured above) Also had a great meal at my new favorite place in the city, Fiat Cafe. My friend and I split a seafood salad and a pasta dish and finished it all before I realized I didn't take a photo... whoops. But, I didn't forget a photo of our tasty wine, the perfect way to start the weekend after a long work week. After dinner Friday night, we went to see Katie Gunn perform for the release of her new music video. That girl is oozing with talent, she's quite fun to watch and listen to. Saturday, I spend the day walking the city and drooling over things at Bergdorfs for a few hours... a girl can dream! Finally, Sunday relxin came around. I spent the day at a family friends in New Jersey laying out at their beautiful pool (until it rained) and then did something I haven't done all summer... watched some trash TV and took a nap. Felt great! Lastly, Sunday night my room mates lovely parents who were in town took us to see Fuerza Bruta which is so impossible to explain but it was beyond entertaining! My room mate and I continued our Sunday night tradition by walking home with our hands full 16 handles

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

xx Ali