Obi the Frenchie Pup.

I have always been a dog lover. It took me four years to convince my mom to get our first dog! When I moved out of my parents house, one of the things I missed the most was seeing my dogs every day. I started to think about getting my own dog, but knew it probably wasn't a great idea while I was still in school. I would research all the time, deciding what breed would be best for me. Three years ago, I decided that was going to be a French Bulldog. My friends and family told me I was obsessed! I always reading about them and looking at pictures (I follow over 30 frenchies on instagram.. obsessive? maybe). But, I knew I had to wait until I was out of college to get one so I could give my pup the awesome life he deserved and not leave him home every day while I was in class. I patiently waited and researched and waited some more. 

It was proving to be much more difficult to find a good breeder than I expected. I got in touch with our vet months ago to ask him to keep a lookout for a breeder. I would make calls almost weekly to possible breeders, none of them working out for a multitude of reasons. Eight weeks ago, our vet delivered a litter of four gorgeous frenchie pups. He immediately put me in touch with the breeder. An older lady who lived only about 45 minutes away from my hometown. It took me a few days to get in touch with her, but when I did, she was thrilled. She was so kind and interested in my life. She realized pretty quickly that I could not wait to have my own pup and was really ready for the commitment. After a while on the phone, she said she would be happy to sell me one of her frenchies. I was so excited I started crying (yes, I'm a bit of a sap). She sent me a photo of the four pups the day they were born from that photo I picked out my beautiful boy, mostly white with black eyes, ears and spot on his cute little butt. 

Here we are, Obi and I, eight weeks later, loving every minute together. So far, he's been a wonder. I'm one lucky girl to be the mom of this little pudge baby.