throwback to new york city.

In honor of taking a little trip to NYC this week, I thought a TBT to New York last summer was quite appropriate. Last year in May, I moved to the city for a summer internship with Harpers Bazaar. I would have been crazy to pass up that opportunity, but I never really thought I'd like living in New York. Boy was I wrong! I've never been in a more inspiring, lively, exciting, sweaty city. I feel like every person I met did something cooler than the last and every weekend got more fun. Three months went by much too quickly and I wasn't so thrilled to leave New York when summer was over. I've been trying to get back since last August, but I guess life just gets busy. So, when Oren (he usually takes these photos) was hired for a two day shoot in New York and invited me along, it was the perfect excuse! So Monday I'm headed back to New York for a few days! Can't wait to get back to the city to eat, shop, see my favorite New Yorkers and sweat profusely for four days. See you Monday, New york. I've missed you.

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(photos: Jolie Greenstone Photography)