who wears short shorts.

One of my favorite things to wear in the summer is long sleeves and shorts. It keeps you warm enough on the days it's not a scorture. But, still gives you the chance to show of those bronzed legs that you work so hard on all winter just so you can slip into your favorite pair of shorts in the warmer months. One of my fashion weaknesses is leaving out pretty much any color or pattern in almost everything I own. Summer is a great time to take those baby steps into a more exciting uniform. These shorts were the perfect step to funk things up a little. It's important to keep your wardrobe new and exciting but no need to jump right in, all at once! A few fun pieces matched with your go to basics makes a great mix of an outfit. Don't get me wrong, I hope one day I'll have balls like, Joanna Hillman, to pull out a full fledged fix of prints. We'll have to work on that one.... 

sweater hand me down from bubby • shorts ecote • shoes jeffrey campbell • bag balenciaga


(photos: Oren A Photography)