do as the bloggers do.

When Gabby and I first met, we got on the topic of blogging (because what else do bloggers talk about when they're together? Just kidding... Kind of) we've both been long time fashion blog readers, semi recently turned fashion bloggers. We seemed to agree on quite a few things. One of those being the simple fact that, blogging is weird. If you've ever so much as glanced at a fashion blog or browsed through a blogger's Instagram you may know what we're talking about... These fab fashion girls who ever so flawlessly look natural while doing what feels so perfectly unnatural to me. Let me give you some examples.

So.... How are there always two hands in photos holding your phone, or in photos of your manicure? Is there constantly someone following you just to take these unnatural/natural photos of both of your hands? Maybe? I guess there is.

You're not actually spending time with your fabulous friends who work for WWD or some other huge publication unless it's on social media, correct? I guess we better spend our time together on Instagram so everyone knows we're spending time together... On Instagram.

Those walking photos... How many times do you have to walk back and forth to look so effortlessly cool?! Because we took plenty of steps back and forth and still couldn't get a good (fake) walking picture...

Does it not feel awkward and embarrassing taking selfies everywhere? Or maybe we just have to get over that feeling of awkwardness because honestly, what's not awkward about what bloggers do?

And lastly, how are you possibly creating all those odd body positions and looking so cool doing it? For me it's always that go to pose, then I'm stuck. Teach me your ways? Don't get me wrong, I love fashion blogs...LeandraNicoleDanielle and their effortlessly cool style. Who else can wear overalls and a bikini and look awesome? As weird as blogging may be, I keep reading and loving them.

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photos: (Sarah Rose Smiley)