Beauty Must Haves

I'm not one of those  women who hoards products... When I find something good, that means I really LOVE it... and I stick with it pretty much forever. I wanted to share with you my go-to's for my beauty routine! I love these products and hope you will too!

1. Eve Lom Cleanser

This is a product I would have never bought on my own, it's a bit higher price point than what I like to spend on beauty products. But, I was gifted this cleanser from Arch Apothecary a few months back when we collaborated on a blog post. This cleanser is unbelievable. I have already bought my second container of it. It lightly exfoliates, removes makeup and cleanses all in one. It leaves my skin bright and feeling clean. Find this Eve Lom cleanser at Arch Apothecary or online HERE.

2. Bare Minerals Original Foundation

I've been using this foundation for years. It's light on my skin, and not filled with chemicals which is a huge plus. It gives you as much or as little converage as you choose, and leaves your skin glowing. Find Bare Minerals Original Foundation HERE

3. By Terry Rose Balm

This was another item I was gifted from Arch. For years, I've been a Burt's Bees addict (still am). But this is the first lip product I've found that I will use in supplement with Burt's Bees. It's a moisturizing gloss and tastes and feels amazing. I'm not one for lip gloss, but this lip healing rose balm is out of this world. Find it HERE.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a no brainer for your beauty routine. First, it's available at any grocery store and it's inexpensive. Beyond that, it is THE BEST moisturizer on the planet. Hands down. I use it on my face and whole body and it works miracles. It has almost completely eliminated by exima (even in the winter) since I started using it. I swear by this stuff and truly think every person should use it for their skin. Find it HERE

5. Clinique Instant Brow

I'm a believer that your brows completely transform your face, and I'm the biggest proponent of thick brows. Unfortunately, mother nature hasn't given me those... So I turn to Clinique's Instant Lift For Brows. It's a great middle ground between a pencil and a crayon and fills in your brows naturally and beautifully. It also has a highlighter on the opposite end which I use on my brow bone and my cheek bones... Because who doesn't want an instant brow and face lift!? Find it HERE (for reference, my color is 01 Soft Blonde)

6. R&CO Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo for me is a MUST. I have thin hair so it get's oily pretty quickly. I have used dry shampoo for years but was always switching up which one I used because I never loved one, until this. Another great product from Arch Apothecary, R + Co Dry shampoo smells great, has a nice texture and leaves your hair looking freshly washed and feeling fresh. Find it HERE.

7. Loréal Texture Expert Hairspray

For anyone with thin hair (or really anyone) a good hairspray is a must have. I love Loréal's texture expert. It's perfectly light and doesn't leave that hard hairspray texture. Find it HERE

Hope you find some new beauty products you love!


xx Ali