V is for Valentine

Let's be real... Valentines Day can be tough.  Another thing, it's tomorrow. Yes. Valentines day is tomorrow. Had a busy week and forgot? Still don't know what to give for a gift? Stuck because you just started dating someone and don't want to scare them away? I have a little bit of advice to any of you in any sort of situation like the ones mentioned above. Sure, I may not be the most qualified person to give you "love day" advice and you of course don't have to listen but here goes nothing....

Gifts are not necessary. This is a day about loving each other, remember? So my advice. Pick up a heartfelt (cheesy is always good) card, or even better, make one yourself. Too crunched on time? Grab a piece of notebook paper, it honestly doesn't matter because the most important part is this. Pick up a pen and start writing. It doesn't matter if your valentine is your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, brother, grandfather or the girl you started dating 3 weeks ago. Write down your feelings! It's something we don't do often enough. Make it cute! Make it funny! Make it meaningful! And like I said, cheesy is always good.  Could be a single punch line or could be a short novel. Just pick up that pen and write something. Here are a few goofy, cheesy ideas that I love with graphics made by yours truly with images and cheesy wording found on Pinterest!


Happy (almost) Valentines Day, all. Remember, it's tomorrow.