three tips for investing in wardrobe staples.

Building the perfect wardrobe is not a simple task. Creating a closet full of pieces you love takes time and money. The goal is to achieve a closet that outlives trends and stays current for many years to come. Not every item is worth a splurge but there sure are some that are. The only question is; which ones?  Here are the rules I like to stick to when investing in a wardrobe staple.

(all images via Pinterest)

1. Stick with timeless staples.

Always opt for classic over trendy and invest in accessories. Clothing trends change quickly but you can never go wrong with a class bag, shoe and jacket. Invest in pieces that you won't get sick of seeing in your closet. For trendier items, look to places such as Zara or H&M for a more affordable find. 

 2. Take your time and find the right fit.

Make sure you know what you really want. If you decide on a classic black pump don't change your mind and buy blue just because it was on sale. You'll get more bang for your buck and more wear out of your pump if you take time to decide what you really want and stick to it.

3. Keep it simple.

Invest in simple pieces that you can picture wearing at least 3 ways. Versatility is key. You should be able to rotate in these classic pieces for practically forever. 

xx Ali