Favorite 5 for Eating & Shopping in NYC

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I am by no means an expert on New York City... I lived there for only one summer while I interned at Harper's Bazaar and have visited a handful of other times. But, I sure do love it. In my short time there I have discovered some of my favorite places both to eat and of course, to shop. To stay right in line with last week's post about Summer weddings, I am in New York (as you may have noticed on Instagram) for a childhood friends wedding! 

Because of my trip to the Big Apple... I thought I would put together a list of my favorite places to eat and shop in the city! If you're ever in NYC, I highly recommend a quick hit to any and all of these places depending on your preferences! So, in no particular order, here are my favorite 5 for eating and shopping in NYC!


1. Smorgasburg

It's like a flea market for food trucks. Smorgasburg is every Satuday at East River Park- Kent Ave. and 7th st right on the Williamsburg waterfront with amazing views of Manhattan. It also takes places Sundays at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 5. This is a scene you don't want to miss out on. The New York Times even called it the "Woodstock of eating". Make sure to come hungry and eat everything!

2. Bianca

The most charming little place in Noho with some seriously amazing Italian food. I instantly fell in love with this tiny restaurant and have taken just about everyone I can to eat there. The restaurant itself is very quaint, seating no more than 40-50 people at a time and the food is out of this world. I'm a sucker for pasta but they really hit it out of the park at Bianca. Great place for date night or night you won't be disappointed with the food or the prices at Bianca. (located at 5 Bleecker street between Bowery and Elizabeth) p.s. if you like seafood, do yourself a favor and order the Tagliolini ai Fruitti Di Mare

3. Fiat Cafe

Great for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Fiat Cafe is one of the tiniest, most delicious and more affordable place I have found in NYC. Whether you're looking for classic breakfast, delicious paninis or some good wine and (more) pasta, this is the place. I found myself here almost every weekend that summer. Located in the Nolita neighborhood at 203 Mott St, you will be hooked. 

4. Mercer Kitchen

A nicer spot for any meal, visit Mercer Kitchen. Located in the Mercer Hotel at 99 Prince St this restaurant is super chic with delectable food. You will find anything from pizza to oysters and everything in between. Make sure to leave time before or after your meal to wander because that corner is one of my favorites 

5. Dean and Deluca 

For a meal on the go stop into one of Dean and Deluca's beautiful locations. One is in soho at 560 Broadway and one is a bit further north at 1150 Madison Avenue. Dean and Deluca is a market, but the most beautiful market you've ever seen. With tons of options for food and even more eye candy (real candy) you'll definitely find something delicious. 


1. The Reformation

Maybe by know you've heard the term "ref babe", or the slogan; "join the reformation" if not, now you have! The Reformation is located in the heart of soho at 23 Howard st and another location on the Lower East Side at 156 Ludlow st. They manufacture almost all of their own products in a sustainable sewing factory in LA and use all sustainable fabrics and or vintage pieces to create beautiful, unique items you won't find anywhere else. Stop and and join the reformation, ref babes! 

2. Barney's New York

I know, so unoriginal. Barney's!? Been there done that. Right? Wel... Let's just say, if you haven't been to Barney's in New York City, it's time. It's better, bigger and badder. They have EVERYTHING. You could easily stay there drooling all day if you decided to. On your trip to NYC make sure to make it to 660 Madison Avenue and bring a bib.

3. In God We Trust

One of my closest friends introduced me to In God We Trust at the beginning of my summer in New York. Didn't take much more than one foot in the door before I knew I had found a new favorite. With three locations, one in Greenpoint (70 Greenpoint Ave), one is Williamsburg (129 Bedford Ave) and one is Soho (265 Lafayette St) this spot has unique clothing, locally made jewelry, gifts and more. They have mens clothes too so your man won't be too bored either which is a major plus. You're both bound to walk out with something.

4. Isabel Marant

I'm someone who's just as happy admiring as I am buying.. If you're this way too, definitely pop into the Isabel Marant store in Soho at 469 Broome St. The store is beautifully built and decorated simply to perfection. It's worth the trip just to see the designs and feel the fabrics. It really is a stunning store.

5. Opening Ceremony

With a very artsy, eclectic mix of designer clothing, Opening Ceremony is worth popping into. (even if it's just to take a photo on the painted staircase). You will find a crazy mix of both mens and womens clothing. The layout of the store is so cool, with small staircases to lofted spaces and more floors than you think could possibly exist. It's a fun store to see. Located at 35 Howard St.

So, that's my little wrap of the Big Apple! Would love to hear if you're a fan of these places too! New York is definitely a city worth exploring and this is only the tiniest sliver of what the city has to offer. If you couldn't tell, I'm a big fan of Soho and would definitely recommend spending an afternoon wandering the whole neighborhood. You probably won't want to leave. Enjoy all that NYC has to offer!

xx Ali