3 Day Smoothie Cleanse

I have been wanting to try a cleanse for quite sometime, timing just never quite worked out. Months ago, I found this smoothie cleanse through Moda Magazine and I knew it was the one I should try. Last week was finally the week that I did it! I wanted to share my opinions and results so at the end of each day of the cleanse (3) I wrote how the day went. The cleanse consisted of 4 smoothies per day and a green tea with lemon each morning. I am glad I tried it but I am sure glad it's over... I really like eating.


I woke up this morning feeling good and positive about the three days ahead. I started my morning right away with my green tea and lemon followed by a 2 mile jog. I made my breakfast smoothie a bit later around 10:30. I normally have a smoothie for breakfast so I was still feeling good! The breakfast smoothie was really good and fruity. I worked from home for the afternoon and made the lunch smoothie around 2. The lunch smoothie was really green... kind of hard to finish. But, I finished it. Around 4 I started getting really hungry and tired. I remade the breakfast smoothie as my snack. Before dinner I went for a calm paddle  with my mom and some friends. I made my dinner smoothie around 8. The dinner smoothie is nothing special, doesn't taste bad, but doesn't taste particularly great either. Now it's 10 and I'm in bed ready to hit the hay. 


I woke up this morning feeling good! I had a lot of work to do today so I got my day started right away with a green tea and lemon and a short run followed by an at home weight workout. I made my breakfast smoothie right after I was finished, about 9:30am. I had a few custom orders to fill today so I spent the rest of the morning/afternoon making those and organizing our jewelry room a bit. I was pretty hungry by noon so I made my lunch smoothie. Today, I had to make it a little easier to choke down to I cut the amount of cucumber in half, used a little less celery and a little more pineapple. This made a big difference and today's lunch smoothie was a lot easier to finish. I got back to work after this but started getting pretty distracted by hunger at about 3. I remade the breakfast smoothie again as a snack and I hate to admit it... but, I had about 5 small cubes of cantaloupe (shhh... don't tell anyone) because I was feeling like I could go to sleep for the night right then. After that I was feeling a lot more normal and finished my day with the dinner smoothie at 7 or so. In bed again now quite early (10pm) this cleanse is making me pretty tired!


I woke up this morning feeling so excited that it was the last day of this thing! I made my green tea right away, responded to some emails and made my breakfast smoothie by 9... I was pretty hungry right away this morning. I had a few errands to run which was a good distraction from the whole being hungry thing. Came home by noon to make the lunch smoothie and made the same changes as I did yesterday. I think today was the easiest day to drink lunch, maybe I'm used to it now? I made the bold choice of registering for a CYC spinning class at 6:45 so I had my snack smoothie at 5:45 to prepare. The class went a lot better than expected but I was SO hungry when I got home and made my dinner smoothie before I even took my shoes off. Took a quick shower and plopped right into bed with just enough time to write this before I pass out... it's 9:15.

I'm really glad that I tried a cleanse but I'm not sure that I would do one again, at least to this extent. There were pros and cons of the cleanse for sure. The worst part was being very tired throughout the afternoons. The biggest pros to the cleanse was feeling much less bloated and seeing my skin clear up a bit. If you've been wanting to try a cleanse, I would highly recommend a "make it yourself" cleanse like this one. That way if you decide against it you aren't stuck with a bunch of pre-made juices/smoothies and can use all the ingredients for other recipes. Have any of you tried a cleanse!? Would love to hear your feedback and results.

Find the recipes for this cleanse HERE

xx Ali