No white after labor day?

(all images via Pinterest)

One of fashions oldest, most famous rules is; no white (pants) after labor day. The rule started in the early 1900's when summer was marked between Memorial Day and Labor day. People would escape the city and head seaside or to the mountains. City clothes were left behind in exchange for lighter, whiter summer clothing. At the end of summer, everyone returned to the city and summer clothes were put away. 

I'll stop boring you with a history lesson now! Even though this fashion rule is very old, it's still around today. All growing up, I remember my Bubby (grandma) telling me that we did not wear white after labor day. There aren't many things, fashion-wise I would disagree with her on, in fact this may be the only one... BUT! I'm here to re-assure you all that white is acceptable after labor day. In fact, it's very chic. So continue to wear your white, loud and proud ladies! Look to these super stylish ladies for some fall-winter white outfit ideas!

xx Ali