3 ways to find motivation this winter

Winter in the Midwest can be rough. It's cold (understatement) and most days it's grey and not so pretty. It's a time of year that you just want to snuggle up on your couch and never leave. It's not exactly motivating. I've been trying to think of the best ways to kick in some extra motivation this season and keep things going! So, I figured I would share my favorite three ways. They're things we should always be doing, but really working extra to do these things this time of year helps with that lack of motivation many of us are feeling right about now.

(image via Pinterest)

1. Set goals and set them often

We should always be setting goals. Goals for work, goals for our personal lives, simple goals and complex ones. This time of year, I've found it really helpful to set goals every single day. These goals won't be as big as your monthly or yearly goals but I find it helps in getting things accomplished. Make to-do lists with everything you want to get done that day (even the smallest things), and check things off. Oren often makes fun of me for some of the things I put on my list, like: "get gas" (something I would still have to do even if it wasn't written down) but, I find it motivating to be able to check even the simplest things off of your list of daily goals.

2. Network

Get yourself out of the house! Do some extra research to find events going on in your field of work, or field of interest. Brave the cold and be in attendance and DON'T be afraid to go alone! I faced that fear a few months back when I went to an industry event on my own for the first time. I was not excited about it, but it forced me to engage with more people. I'm no longer scared to go alone to an event! I've found that meeting and talking with like minded people who do great work can be very motivating! 

3. Hit the gym

For me, nothing's a motivator like getting moving. Starting or ending the day off with a good sweat get's you ready for whatever you need to accomplish that day or the next. It get's your blood pumping, your mind thinking and it gives us the energy we all need. Just another reason to hit the gym!


I hope we are all are able to find some extra motivation to get us through these freezing months! Happy almost weekend!

xx Ali