This Valentines day, love yourself!

(image via Pinterest)

The (for many) dreaded Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Year after year, we're all so focused on our current, (or non existent) significant other. So focused on being alone or being in love that we forget about loving the most important person in our lives... ourselves! This Valentine's Day I dare you to be (just a little bit) selfish and to love and treat yourself! Because, girl... you deserve it! 

I have a few ideas of ways we can treat ourselves this Valentine's Day.

Idea 1: Cook yourself a nice dinner in your pajamas! (find my favorite healthy recipes HERE) Crank up the tunes and enjoy treating yourself with something you wouldn't eat on a normal night... and don't forget desert! (find my favorite, super simple chocolate cookie recipe HERE)

Idea 2: Try a new workout class, even if it is a little pricey! Been dying to check out Soul Cycle? Or the new pilates studio down the block? Treat yourself and splurge on a workout you've been dying to try! 

Idea 3: Rent some movies you've been wanting to watch and don't leave the house all day! We're all so busy and often times it's hard to take time to really relax, even on "lazy Sundays". Challenge yourself to spend the day sans email, makeup-less and cozied up on your couch in your PJs. Make sure to be stocked with your favorite candy and popcorn and get dinner delivered!

Idea 4: Buy yourself a gift! I've rounded up all my favorite pink and red finds in a: Treat Yourself Shop-able V-day Gift Guide below!  

Whichever way you choose to do so... treat yourself! & remember! YOU are the most important person in your life. Happy (almost) Valentine's Day girlfriends! You all rock!

xx Ali