Trend I love: Athleisure & how to pull it off.

(all images via Pinterest)

This trend has been around for a while now... Initially, I thought it wouldn't stick around but it's clear now that the Athlesiure trend isn't going anywhere! But I'm not complaining, because what do I love (maybe) more than fashion? Comfort! This trend allows us to be super comfortable while looking oh so chic. 

For me, working out is way more fun and manageable when you like what you're wearing. I promise you'll feel more powerful in your workout if you love your workout gear!... No more "class of 2010" size XL t-shirts. Plus, being able to go from brunch to gym, or gym to grocery store with only a change of accessories is pretty sweet.

Another big one for me and a key to daily outfits is comfort! What sounds more comfortable than your favorite workout leggings all day long!? This is a great trend to jump on if comfort is an important part of your personal style.

I mean, if Kendall, Gigi, Rosie and my fave fit girl, Hannah, are on board, why shouldn't we all be!? I'm not saying rocking this trend is going to turn us all into supermodels but we don't have to be to pull of gym clothes on the reg! Not sure where to start? To feel a little more comfortable (and less exposed) in this trend I would start off with high waisted leggings, a cropped athletic top and your favorite sneakers. After the gym add either a bomber, leather or duster jacket and a great bag. Now you're set for whatever the rest of the day brings!  To ensure you look put together in this trend, play with neutrals and if you add a pop of color do so in your shoes or sunnies! 

Scroll down to shop my favorite workout gear to perfectly pull off the athleisure trend and remember to actually take this trend to the gym some of the time ;)

xx Ali