3 ways to make it feel more like Spring

(image via Pinterest)

As of Sunday, it is officially Spring, the season we have been anxiously awaiting. But, unfortunately, the last two days are the coldest we've had in Chicago in weeks! By now, all of us Midwesterners are so antsy for real warmth and sun that these cold days are a real bummer. So, I decided to write about three of my favorite ways to make your daily life feel a little more Springy even though the weather doesn't quite match the season. How do you warm up these cold days!?

1. Flowers

Having flowers brings life and color into your home. It instantly makes your space more welcoming and lively. Buying flowers each week is an easy and affordable way to make it feel a little more like Spring. My favorite place to buy flowers is Trader Joes. They have tons of options at amazing prices! Their tulips right now are awesome!

2. Wear your favorite Spring jacket (even if it's not warm enough)

By now, we're all ready to put our warm jackets away but the weather hasn't allowed that. My trick? Layer layer layer! Pull out your favorite spring jacket but wear a chunky knit or a graphic tee and a hoodie underneath. This way you can say goodbye to your winter jackets and make your daily outfits feel a little more springy!

3. Go for a run outside instead of going to the gym

If real runners make it through running outside all Winter, we can brave starting to run outside now! Wait for a sunny day and take a nice long run. With daylight savings this is an easy one, you can even go after work! Dress appropriately for the temperature and enjoy some fresh air and sun on your bones. You'll be shocked how fast you heat up and what a taste of Spring you'll feel!

xx Ali