Coffee table styling essentials.

As some of you know, fashion isn't my only passion. On top of fashion, photography, blogging and jewelry designing, interior design is one of my biggest passions. I think the way you dress is one art form and way to express yourself as is the way you design your living space. The decor, design, and vibe of your home, whether it be a house, apartment or condo is another unique way to express yourself! In many cases, including in my apartment, your coffee table is a centerpiece of your main living space. Coffee table styling is important for tying in the design and decor of your entire home, plus, it's fun! First you need a killer coffee table. Above is is my dream coffee table from Chairish. The table, in itself, is a piece of art but we can't stop there. We need to style out this coffee table to create the perfect centerpiece for your home!

The first step of course is finding a coffee table that you love. I suggest something classic, yet fun and stylish that works in your current space, but is neutral enough that it would also work in another type of space in case you move. My go to first item to style out my coffee table is a simple, stylish tray. This is an easy way to keep the table organized and clutter free.  My next two "must have" coffee table items are candles and flowers. I love candles because they smell amazing but when lit, they give such a cozy feel and create an ambiance that makes your space  feel more homey. THIS is my absolute favorite candle. It smells amazing! Fun candleholders play this must have coffee table item up even more. Next, flowers. This starts with a great vase. I love THIS vintage brass vase for some flare. I try to get fresh flowers for my place every week. I feel like they bring so much life and color into my apartment and they really make me happy. So, fresh flowers are definitely a must have for my coffee table. 

Now that we have the top 3 covered, let's talk about what else you need to style out your gorgeous coffee table. First, the perfect rug is a great stage for your coffee table. Find something that stands out, but something you won't get sick of. Rugs aren't inexpensive so make sure you've thought your rug choice through! Moroccan and Persian rugs are some of my favorites, I hope to own one someday! Back to the actual coffee table... I always have 2-3 books stacked on my tray. Every couple months I like to switch them out for different books on my shelf. The cover of the book has to be appealing for this purpose. I also like to choose books that are nice to flip through and have heavy imagery versus heavy text. Right now on my coffee table I have Taschen's, The Polaroid Book, Dali's Mustache by Halsman and Bande á Part: New York Underground 60's 70's and 80's. Each book is a different size, reflects my interests and brings some additional color and depth to my table. 

There you have it! After a beautiful coffee table, a tray, candle(s), a simple vase with fresh flowers, and a great choice of coffee table books you have my version of a perfectly styled coffee table! A few things to keep in mind... Pops of color are good! Play with different heights to keep your table interesting. Add fun knick knacks and don't be afraid to take risks. Your coffee table styling isn't forever so play around, test different items out until you find your perfect combination and have fun! Shop all of my coffee table essentials below and shop all of the stunning items for your home from Chairish HERE

xx Ali