Singin' In The Rain: The Creative Magazine

Recently, one of my favorite power couples made up of my good friend, Alex and her beau, Darrin, published The Creative Magazine. It's an online publication written by creatives, for creatives. On the first of the month, they released their second issue: The Wet Issue. It covers everything from what to wear in the rain (right here) to  draught hacks, tears and how to make your drinking water more fun (enter fruit)! The imagery created for this magazine is out of this world and the people behind it are even more incredible. I was so honored when Alex asked Oren and I to contribute to the most recent issue with an article about us and what to wear in the rain. 

This is something you definitely want to get behind. If you enjoy anything and everything creative you don't want to miss the amazingness coming out of this publication. Head HERE to take a look! Also, CLICK HERE to read what I wrote about dressing for the rain, about Oren and I as a creative team and about finding a work/life balance. Scroll down to shop my look!

xx Ali

(Photos by: Oren A Photo)