Feeling Flamenco!

I know what you're thinking... ANOTHER off the shoulder outfit? Yup, it's true. But THIS TOP was just too good not to share with you guys!  I'm sorry to be repetitive (this is the last off the shoulder look for a while) but as long as you're already here let's talk about THIS TOP that makes me feel exactly like the flamenco dancing emoji lady! 

I like dressing simply, which I normally do. But, sometimes I wish I could make a statement while still being me and feeling comfortable in my outfit (even though I love color and a sexy little number I just usually don't wear super bright colors or show too much skin simply because I don't feel comfortable). This top did exactly that, I felt totally comfortable, felt totally like myself and I can't get enough! I love the off the shoulder style (as I've proved HERE and HERE) and what's not to love about this sleeve!? It's so fun and definitely makes that statement I paired the top with my favorite jeans ever (so comfy so chic, just the right amount of distressing and the perfect cropped length... find them HERE), a pair of red suede pumps (HERE) and my favorite pair of mirrored sunnies (HERE).

If this top could talk I would imagine it would say something like: " Shake those shoulders, girl! Let's dance!!!!!" It's so fun even Obi loved it and wanted to get in on these pics!  THIS TOP and a couple very similar tops at great prices are all linked below so keep on scrollin', babes!

Photos by: MOM!

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