My favorite restaurant, RED is moving!

I'm always torn when answering the ever difficult, "what's your favorite food" question... My mind teeters. Sushi or spaghetti? Sushi or Spaghetti? Every time I eat at RED sushi, my favorite spot in my hometown of Madison, that question couldn't be easier to answer. Definitely, SUSHI! They're distinctive, creative flavor combinations and beautiful presentations are just part of what makes RED my favorite restaurant. The owners and the staff are always so welcoming and kind and the food never falls short of world class! It's the one place I know my entire family will always agree to go. If you've never been, bump it up to the top of your list! It's a great spot for lunch (great specials) or dinner! For those of you who don't live in Madison... next time you visit, make sure to plan a meal at RED. 

Amazing lunch spread at RED


Currently, RED is located in a quaint space just off the square at 106 King Street. After opening almost 5 years ago, RED quickly became known for their creative, unique and super tasty sushi as well as their cozy yet lively environment. It's pretty common now to have to wait 2 hours for a table without a reservation! So, although I love their cozy spot on King Street, I'm super excited to help announce their big move this summer! Don't worry, they're not going far.

checking out the construction site and plans for their new location- read about it below!

The sashimi is out of this world (as is everything else)!

Their new location is going to be just a few blocks away on the other side of the Capital at 316 West Washington Ave and it's sure to be amazing! Expect a space triple the size with three distinct areas. Of course, there will be a full scale restaurant but also, a cocktail lounge (that's sure to be super cool) serving a selection of fine wine, sake and a food menu and also an outdoor patio that will be open during the summer months. You're not going to want to miss this new sensational spot. The restaurant will feature contemporary design, elaborate interiors, an exposed wine collection, an open kitchen and the highly anticipated Chef's Table are just a few of the things you can get excited for! They're expecting to open late this summer so get your senses ready to experience the new best spot in Madison! We know one things for sure, the food will truly be out of this world!

Enjoying an amazing sushi lunch at RED

Big thank you to RED Sushi for having me write this post and for always keeping my taste buds amazed! I can't wait to see the new space! 

xx Ali

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(Photos of me by my good friends, Maddie and Ryan and food photos by Moi)