Miami Photo Diary

This past weekend I went with my Mom and Brother to visit our family and friends in Miami. It was so nice to get away for a few days just to relax with some of my favorite people. We celebrated my cousin, Carlota's 8th birthday with a lovely, laid back night (and delicious homemade dinner) at my cousins home, we explored the gorgeous Miami Design District and the awesome Wynwood District. My cousin, Ana told me the one place we had to go in Wynwood was a store called, Plant The Future (photos above and more in an upcoming blog post). It was the most amazing plant store I've ever been in! They plant gorgeous succulents and flowers in whimsical "pots" ie: the Darth Vader head, (pictured above) how cool is that!? We cooled off with fresh juices, iced chai's and frozen yogurt but soaked up every bit of sun we could get! Luckily, it's been quite lovely in Chicago recently too! We went for a long beach walk, spent time by the pool and on the couch catching up with our best friends, Erin and Michelle. We ate amazing healthy food at a restaurant called Farmer's Table (may or may not have had dinner here two nights in a row, whoops!) But mostly, we enjoyed our time together with our family and friends that we don't get to see often enough. More Miami photos coming to the blog soon!


xx Ali