3 outfits built off of jeans and a white top

Recently, I've been binge listening to Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller's podcast, Monocycle. It covers everything from choosing outfits to how to make tough decisions and addresses how vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness. Her podcast is relatable, she gives great advice, she's hysterical and comes up with such insightful metaphors. I bet you're wondering why I'm talking about her podcast to start off an outfit post, right? Well...

I was driving back to Madison last week listening to Monocycle and Leandra was talking about how jeans and a t shirt are like toast. At first I was like 'what is she talking about!?', as I'm sure you're wondering now. But she went on to explain how a statement piece (she referred to a Gucci brocade jacket) is great and all, but how many times can you really wear it while keeping it new and exciting? Jeans and a white shirt on the other hand, is like plain toast. She said something along the lines of, you can put almond butter and honey on your toast and have a sweet breakfast or you can put tuna on your toast and have a savory lunch.

A lightbulb went off in my head and I was like, woah, Leandra, you just perfectly explained the romance behind mixing up the two biggest staples in your wardrobe. So, now that you know the background of why I keep talking about toast... I put together 3 different pieces of toast with the same good ol' bread. Now you can eat your toast and wear it too!

1. Dressy Toast

To dress up my plain toast, I added a long white trench vest for a touch of elegance, a pair of off white, faux snakeskin pumps, a long lariat necklace from Just The 2 Of Us jewelry and this teeny tiny Fendi monster bag. Shop this look below!

2. Edgy Toast

For an edgy take on plain toast, I added a leather moto jacket, mirrored sunnies, a studded bag and a black heeled sandal. Shop this look below!

3. Beachy Toast

For a more casual, beachy take on plain toast, I wore this super comfy linen jacket from Lou and Grey, neutral flip flops and and a pair of cat eye mirrored sunglasses. Shop this look below! 

(Photos by: Big Hair Big City)

xx Ali