CHC Collection

A few months ago, I fell in love with a local brand of bags called CHC, (Chelli Harms Collection) that I found on Instagram. Shortly after, I was at Dose Market and CHC had a booth! I saw the bags in person and confirmed that in fact, the bags are rad. I then introduced myself to Chelli, the owner and designer behind CHC. We chatted and it just so happened that she knew my blog. It didn’t take long to learn that not only are her bags beautiful and super cool, but so is she! We stayed in touch and a couple weeks ago, I finally made it out to the CHC studio! I had a great time checking out Chelli’s brand new line of bags that were just launched last week!

I really love this company and their bags so I’m super excited to share with you! CHC bags are made locally and with locally sourced leather. Each design is well thought out and perfectly executed. One of my favorites is the Aura Sling Bucket Bag which transitions from a sling bucket bag to a tote bag with the pull of a strap! (pictured below). Every single bag in her new line is classic, versatile and easy to wear with just about any outfit. It doesn’t hurt that the leather is super soft and supple either! One thing that I was so excited to see in these new bags (that often simplistic, classic bags are lacking) were inside organizational pockets. I know we all love that!

CHC  is made for the woman who knows what they they are looking for. The woman who is willing to invest in a classic bag that she is going to be able to carry for years to come. It is designed for someone who believes in quality and will be proud to carry a bag made locally by a person who is paid a fair wage and loves what they do! The price point of her new collection is very fair for the amazing quality of what you are buying. The collection starts at $75 for the Bifold Wallet and goes up to $725 for the Dusk Backpack (some of these pieces are unisex too)! I understand that we aren't all looking to invest in bags right now... BUT! When you're ready, remember CHC and support local business while carrying your gorgeous new bag!

To see CHC’s brand new line, click: HERE!

A big congrats to Chelli and the whole team behind CHC on the launch of their new collection! A huge thank you as well for my beautiful Halo Clutch! It's the perfectly versatile piece!

xx Ali

Photos by: Oren A Photo