Back To School: Your Favorite Graphic Tee 3 Ways

Thinking about what to wear your first weeks back to school can be daunting. You want to make a good impression but also, stay true to your personal style. Be cute, but not overly showy. Trust me, I understand. Since I can remember I thought for weeks before the first day of school about what I would wear and it caused me some serious stress! But, that doesn't have to be you! I have a bunch of great first day of school outfits coming your way starting NOW! I decided to take one of my favorite graphic tee's and style is 3 different ways to achieve three simple, yet totally different looks perfect for back to school! 

I decided to choose THIS epic sequined french fries graphic tee, because it fits and feels great but also because when everyone sees you they'll already know you have something in common... because who doesn't love some good ol' french fries!?! (Plus, it's on sale for $10!!!! click HERE) Great ice breaker, right?!

First, I styled THIS TEE with my trusty Levi cutoff shorts, a pair of Stan Smith sneakers and an oversized denim jacket, for an effortless, casual, fun outfit. 

Next, I paired THIS TEE with a neutral suede high waisted skirt and comfy clogs for a bit less casual look. I tucked in the shirt and was ready to go!

Lastly, I styled THIS TEE with my favorite pair of cropped, distressed skinny jeans, a sleek white sneaker and a moto jacket. This french fry tee is a  little twist on my go-to uniform (read about my go to uniform HERE). The sequined tee gives it a playful edge! 

Whatever you choose to wear when you head back to school, what matters is that you feel confidant in what you're wearing because then you're sure to look great!

xx Ali

Photos by: Julie Kennedy Photography

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