Embroidered Jean Jacket + California Living

The start of 2017 brought Obi and I out west. It's been a so nice to have some real time with my family, time to relax, reflect and look forward to this year. I talked a bit about this in last week's post (HERE). We've been spending a lot of time outside, hiking, walking, exploring and enjoying. I went up to LA for a few days to spend time with my best friend, Sophie. My mom followed a few days after and we spent two super fun girls days together. We ate amazing sushi meals, shopped on Melrose Place and visited the headquarters of my favorite brand, N: Philanthropy (lots more on this to come) It's been nice to start off the new year stress free (practically) while having time to get inspired and excited about what 2017 is going to bring.

Of course, another plus side of being out west is the change in weather. Although it hasn't been bikini weather (mostly mid 50's) I have no complaints because just about anything is better than Chicago weather right now. It's been fun to get a little break from my down jacket and winter boots. Here I'm wearing THIS super fun embroidered jean jacket for an easy way to spice up (and warm up) an all white look. Another thing to love about THIS adorable jacket? It's only $30! Follow along on Instagram, @alialistone for more California adventures!

xx Ali

Photos by: MOM!

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