Trend I Love: Pearls!


Last year, before my first fashion week I was on a major hunt for something different. I wanted a piece that was unique, one of a kind, fun, edgy (but not too edgy) and interesting. I searched and searched and searched. Everything I found was a gazillion dollars and it was back to square one. What better place to look than in my closet? What was in there that I wouldn't mind potentially ruining? I found an old camo surplus jacket and I thought that was my ticket!

I took a scissor to it... chopped off the collar and made it cropped. I foundan amazing beaded vintage patch that my mom had that I sewed on the back. Good... but not good enough. It needed a little something more. I thought about studs but thought that the camo + studs would be a little too edgy for what I was going for. When I was growing up, we crafted... A LOT. My mom has a hard time getting rid of things so we still have a lot of craft materials in the house. I started searching through all of the craft materials in the house and stumbled upon some faux pearls... SOLD.


I headed to the craft store to buy a couple hundred pearls and hunkered down with my cut up surplus jacket, fabric glue and Netflix and got to work. I wore this jacket last fashion week, this past fashion week and a few times in between and let me tell you, I'm not sure I've ever gotten more compliments on a piece of clothing.

Fast forward to this Fall and pearls are everywhere! And guess what? I LOVE it! I found the pearl jeans I'm wearing here at Alice and WonderWhen I saw the peal beret online, I knew I needed it because... well... it matched my pearl jeans! Alice and Wonder has the pearl beret too!!! I've been absolutely loving this pearl trend so I pulled together all of my favorite pieces for you to shop below! As mentioned, the camo jacket was a DIY project but the top underneath is from Chichwish and is currently on sale! Find it HERE and shop it below!




xx Ali

Photos by: Ashley of Sed Bona