The Way I Have Been Saving Money On Almost Everything!

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In July, I learned about a site called Raise. Before I go too in depth... all you really need to know is, it saves you money on pretty much everything you're already buying. Seriously, this has changed the game. I waited to write about it for a while because I wanted to use it for a bit and make sure it was something I could totally stand behind. You guys, I'll never tell you to use/buy/try something I don't believe in... promise!!! Anyways, if you're interested in saving money on almost everything your'e already buying then keep reading!

SO! Raise is an online marketplace (they also have a super easy to use app) where you can sell gift cards for cash or buy discount gift cards to hundreds of places at a discount. So say your crazy Aunt Suzie gives you a gift card for the holidays to some where you're never going to shop at, you can sell it for cash on Raise. On the flip side, it's almost about time to start buying Holiday gifts... Well, you can search Raise for a discounted gift card to use to buy gifts for all of your friends and family at the same place you were already going to buy their gift to begin with.

Since I started using Raise, I have bought discounted gift cards at Urban Outfitters for pieces for my house. Best Buy, to save money on my new compact camera. Nordstrom to save money on a pair of shoes I didn't need. Whole Foods to save a few bucks on their crazy expensive cranberry tuna salad that I love (and my other groceries, of course). Starbucks to save some $$ on my guilty pleasure, their chai tea latte and so much more. Now, I'll be real with you. Don't go into it expecting to save 40, 50 or 60%. You save a small percentage on each gift card (if you're lucky, sometimes you'll find cards for anywhere from 7-15% off, but generally a bit less) but it adds up SO fast. I have saved almost $200 in the last two months on things I was going to buy anyways. So, why not save some extra cash! Am I right!?

How do you use it? Well, in my opinion the easiest way is to first, download the app and save all your info. Then, whenever you're somewhere and have to buy something, check the app! At Home Depot? Target? Nordstrom? Anywhere? Quick search the app for where you're shopping. Chances are, there will be a discounted gift card for you to use. As long as your credit card info is on there, you can buy the gift card with the click of a button, and it's ready almost instantly (sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes for the gift card to be ready to use). Then, when you go to checkout, you can just scan the gift card in the app on your phone! Easy peasy! 

Now, start saving more money!

USE CODE: ALI20 for $20 off a $40+ purchase for new Raise users!