5 Chicago Date Ideas (For Locals or Visitors)

Ever find yourself with your significant other deciding what to do... and you're both like, I'm up for anything! And neither of you can make a decision? Yeah, that's usually me. Recently, Patrick and I have had so much fun in dashing around Chicago and having fun date days that I wanted to share some of my favorites! PSA! These are all totally friendly dates with your significant other or as friends dates or things to do with your family! They're centered around Chicago but the ideas could totally be done in any city! Here are 5 fun date ideas! Time to start planning for this weekend! 

date idea sporting event

1. Go to a sporting event

Wrigley Field Chicago

Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls and da Bears. Chicago is a goldmine when it comes to amazing sports. Patrick and I went to a Cubs game last month and had an absolute blast! Throw on a Cubs shirt (47' Is my go-to spot for cute sporting gear) grab a beer and a ballpark hot dog and enjoy being in the thick of the infamous Wrigley Field! I'm not really one for watching sports on TV but going to a game can't be beat! This Winter I really want to go to a Hawks game! I've never been to one! 

2. Play Tourist

chicago dogs at the bean

Whether you're a local or here visiting, playing tourist is so much fun. Go take a selfie at The Bean and pop my one of the unbelievable museums Chicago has to offer. I always love making up stories about the art pieces, it makes things more fun! Roaming the streets of Chicago and admiring the architecture never gets old. I love stopping by Cindy's Rooftop for a drink after a visit to Millennium Park because the view is unreal!! A tourists day in Chicago wouldn't be complete without a Chicago dog! Patrick and I grabbed one at Millennium Park and sat in the grass for a quick picnic. Eating gigantic hot dogs with a million toppings is sure to create some laughs.

3. Have an extravagant boozy brunch

oyster brunch oyster bah chicago

Chicago is a foodies dream! One of my favorite spots to grab a delicious quaint brunch with amazing food and equally as amazing brunch cocktails is Oyster Bah in Lincoln Park. Oysters may not sound like a great date food... but in my opinion it's perfect! It's a great ice breaker if it's new and forces you to loosen up a little bit! Plus, they oysters at Oyster Bah are ahhhhhhmazing!!! So fresh and so delicious. I'm literally getting hungry typing this. I had the fried oyster benedict and Patrick ordered the trout frittata. We ordered oysters and a shrimp cocktail on the side. The most amazing part... We ate all of it. Pro tip: request a table at the window so you can also do some great people watching! 

4. Walk the lakeshore path and then cook together

lakeshore path chicago homemade brunch

One of my favorite dates is just setting aside time to spend together, no distractions. Cooking together and going for long walks are two of my favorite ways to spend time with the people I adore. It's fun to cook a meal you wouldn't normally cook for yourself, together. Take some time to make something yummy and healthy that you can then sit and enjoy together. After you eat, I love taking a walk. Taking the lakeshore path into Lincoln Park to the zoo is my favorite spot to walk in the city. It's on the quiet side and the views are amazing. Walking towards Lincoln Park is one of the most peaceful places in the city. A great spot to be able to talk and enjoy a beautiful day.

5. Pretend to furnish your dream home at RH

3 arts cafe chicago

One of my favorite spots and possibly the most charming place in Chicago is Restoration Hardware and their restaurant, 3 Arts Cafe. They have a charming coffee shop and make a killer chai latte. You can also get wine! One of my favorite things to do is head here to grab a coffee or glass of wine with your significant other and roam through RH pretending like you're furnishing your dream home. "Honey, how do you feel about this 70ft dining table for our dining room? I think it would fit nicely and would be the perfect place to host a dinner party of 400. We will fly in wine from France and bring in our favorite chef from California." or, "Which chandelier do you think will fit best over this gorgeous velvet sectional? I think the first one is the best option if we also spring for the accent chairs and marble coffee table." It's a fun game and is sure to get some laughs.

What's your favorite way to spend time with your loved ones?! 

xx Ali