Upping My Skincare Routine with the Philips VisaPure Advanced

Philips VisaPure Advanced

You guys know I’ve been in a little over my head recently. Work has been so busy that there literally are not enough hours in a day for me to stay caught up. Lack of sleep, stress and long days have really taken a toll on my body (I got super sick last week and ended up at the ER). Overworking myself has also given my skin a serious beating. You probably know by now that I try to take really good care of my skin. I have a skin care regimen and routine that I stick to and my skin is one of the things I think is really worth investing in. I had to really kick up my skin care routine a notch with everything happening these last few months because my skin was not looking (or feeling) great. I needed something to really help wash away the long days and the stress and help to get my clean, fresh, smooth, glowing skin back. A couple months ago I started using the Philips VisaPure Advanced cleansing device and I haven’t looked back for a second.

skincare device

After using it once I had a feeling I’d love this pretty little device. But now, after two months of using it every day I’m never turning back. Philips VisaPure Advanced has given me brighter, softer skin and has helped me to really allow my skin to feel clean after these hectic 16 hour work days that have become all too common. It has taken my skincare routine from good to great and I can literally feel the difference in my skin after each use.

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exfoliating skin care product
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Philips VisaPure Advanced cleansing device comes with THREE attachments that you can super easily pop on and off … the first attachment is the pore cleansing brush (which is the one I’m using in the photos) with ultra-thin bristles (they’re smaller than your pores). This brush thoroughly cleans your whole face and really deep cleans your pores. The second attachment is a smaller, denser brush designed specifically to clean your nose and chin areas which is where our pores are normally larger. It helps you get in those tight spots (like around your nose) where a lot of other brushes might miss and really helps reduce the appearance of blackheads. The third and final attachment is the revitalizing massage head. It gives you a facial massage (I know this may sound silly but keep reading because it does wonders and actually feels really good) that reaches deeper layers of skin to relax your small facial muscles for a gorgeous glow. This attachment was developed with a Japanese facial massage expert, so you know it’s got to be good! The handle automatically recognizes each of the attachments and includes a timer for each one, to help guide you through the process.

girl in bathtub exfoliating skin

All in all, the Philips VisaPure Advanced system helps you to remove any leftover makeup residue and it removes dead skin cells leaving your skin ready to reap the real benefits of your creams and serums. This product is perfect for anyone who wants to up their skin care game, reduce the visibility pores and have baby-soft glowing skin. The benefits and results I started seeing right away has kept me using this gadget every single day. Now, I won’t go anywhere without it (yes, it’s coming to Morocco with me)! An added bonus is that it’s really pretty!!! Don’t laugh! Isn’t it great when a product you love also looks great on your countertop!?

Photos by: Allie Appel Photography

Thank you to Philips for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.