Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


You guys know me, I'm pretty basic when it comes to getting dressed. Jeans and a black t-shirt? Perfect! In my personal life I'm not as simple... I'm a freelancer, so my daily routine is never the same and I like it that way. I'm always working in different parts of the city with different, amazing people working on new projects. I always try my best to step out of my comfort zone, take risks, try new things, meet new people, travel to new places and be spontaneous. In my experience, stepping outside of your comfort zone only brings good things. Whether it's finally working up the courage to do something you're scared to do or taking a risk in hopes of achieving a goal... In my experience I've never regretted stepping outside of my comfort zone or taking a risk. So, I started thinking to myself... Why don't I apply this tactic to getting dressed!?

Now, I'm not saying that I'm going to wear gingham with stripes, or mini skirts and crop tops every day... My uniform will probably always be jeans and a black top... But, I'm working on branching out. I thought this was such a fun way to mix up the simple black and white look. The mixing of patterns plus the fun tie details and ruffle on the skirt made for an unexpected, quirky but fun and very cute look (I think)! (Shop this look below). I'm thinking I'm going to start taking more risks in my wardrobe... It may start slow but maybe one day, I'll really go for something wild! Like I said, I've never regretted taking a risk! I mean, the worst that can happen is I get some funny looks on the street, right!?!?


xx Ali

Photos by: Alex Harper Photography

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