One Thing I Can’t Live Without… My Favorite Hand Cream


You guys know me pretty well, I’d say. You know I’m a sucker for a great outfit. But, one thing I haven’t really mentioned is that I’m also a sucker for a great hand cream and I am never without my L’Occitane Shea Butter one. Seriously. I keep it in my purses, beside my bed and in my car. No matter how put together I might look, I never feel like an outfit is complete without soft hands. Sure, that may sound bizarre but it’s so true for me!  


Last week, I met my friend Ashley for lunch and wore this outfit. THIS TOP and white short combo are such a fun pairing for Spring! Ashley laughed at me when I pulled out my hand cream before we ate lunch. I don’t keep much in my bag but hand cream is one thing I do have and It’s rare to find me without it… Before I walk out the door, get out of the car or go to bed I always put on hand lotion and it seriously makes me feel so much better. Are any of you super bothered by the feeling of dry skin? This hand cream is made up or 20% shea butter and has honey and almond extracts as well as coconut oil. It’s the most moisturizing, rich hand cream I’ve ever tried but it never leaves your hands oily. It’s pretty awesome…  


If any of you are reading this and thinking, she’s crazy! I want you to think about something… Have you ever had a boy hold your hand and have the driest cracked skin? Well, I don’t know about you but I hate that feeling! I have always been a bit crazy about taking care of my skin and my hands are no exception. I love having soft skin and I can really thank L’Occitane for that. You can find my favorite hand cream in two different sizes at Sephora! Happy moisturizing!

xx Ali

Photos by: Ashley of Sed Bona

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