Local Favorite: Sugar Hills Bakery


I'm so excited to share this months Local Favorites feature! It's the most perfectly decorated and deliciously delectable bakery... it's Sugar Hills! Sugar Hills Bakery is in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago (3235 W Addison St) and is the PERFECT escape for a coffee, a healthy lunch AND (definitely and... not or) a scrumptious desert.

You hear bakery and you think sugar and only sugar (or at least I do)... But not at Sugar Hills. I had been dying to make it up to Sugar Hills for quite sometime. When I see a perfectly decorated space (I'm a sucker for a good interior) and you add baked goods into the mix. It's a win, win, win, win, win... Then I saw their salmon toast on Instagram a few weeks back and that was it. Not only do they have amazing baked goods but also healthy, delicious (and very instagrammable) lunch options. I'm sold. Right after I discovered this salmon toast, I texted my good foodie friend Caitlin of Public Lives Secret Recipes with a photo of the toast and said; we have to go here... NOW! All of these combined factors is what makes this spot Junes local favorite. 

Let me tell you something, they absolutely live up to all the social media hype. First, let's start by saying the amazing owner of the bakery, Jacob (he's so much fun) started off the visit by making me a Chai. You know that Chai is an easy way to my heart... and the Chai he made was damn good. So, the visit started off swimmingly. The cases of baked goods were drool worthy and I couldn't wait to try some deserts (the macaroon and cake pictured below were two of my favorites). But first, the salmon toast I had been dreaming about for weeks! It was of course beautiful and delicious (I'm actually getting hungry writing this) but the most surprising and awesome part? It's under $4. WHHAAAATTT!? There's pretty much nowhere in Chicago that you can get anything for $4... My Starbucks drink order is more than that *sigh*. I had that for lunch and Caitlin had a grilled chicken panini that was also soooo delish (I know because I ate half of it... Sorry, Cait). 

We tasted a few different deserts which were all unreal and I picked up some cheesecake to bring home to my favorite neighbors (they said it was amazing). Before I sign off on this months feature... I need to mention the decor. This place is in all honesty, gorgeous. I was ready to move in. From the entry way bench nook (pictured above & below) to the unbelievable, whimsy gallery walls to the "Hello Sweetie" neon sign (HERE) no detail was left unthought. 

Next time you're in the Avondale/Roscoe Village/Irving Park area make sure to stop into Sugar Hills. Next time I go, I'm ordering a power bowl, twice as many macaroons and a large chai, of course.


A big thank you to Sugar Hills Bakery for having us and for feeding us all the yummies! We can't wait to come back! | My dress is from Alice and Wonder and earrings are Just The 2 Of Us

xx Ali

Photos by: Caitlin Lee of Public Lives Secret Recipes