Those White Walls- How It All Began

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It's hard to believe that Those White Walls was born almost 7 years ago. The idea was born my freshman year of college, sitting in a twin dorm room bed with two of my friends. I had been a long term reader of a lot of different blogs and had always wanted to start one. The hardest part for me was coming up with a name.

It's actually a pretty silly story! I had been thinking for weeks about what to name my (pre-blog) Tumblr. I have always been a creative thinker and believer that if you want something you can make it happen. One day I was sitting at my desk staring at my computer continuing to try and think of a name. I was at a complete loss. I walked into my suite mates dorm room, sat on the bed and asked my two friends to start naming things in the room.... "Microwave!" "Coffee maker!" "Refrigerator!" "Tv!" "Pillow!" They were both yelling with excitement, and then one of them blurted out:  "white walls!" I stopped them there. 

I thought about it for a while... A white wall is just like a blank canvas... A blank slate... An open door to create whatever you want. I realized, everything in life is a white wall. A new job, a new home, a relationship, an adventure, an opportunity. Whatever it is we're starting, we always start with a figurative (or in the case of my new home) a literal "white wall". It was my chance and my opportunity to create whatever I decided to create... And just like that, Those White Walls was born. 

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7 years ago, it was a tumblr. A place for me to share my inspiration as well as some of my own projects. As I mentioned before, I had been a long time reader of lots of different fashion and lifestyle blogs. I had always wanted to start my own, but never knew  the right time or the right opportunity to do so. The summer of 2013 I landed an internship at Harper's Bazaar in NYC. I decided that was the perfect reason to start my blog. 

I stopped using my Tumblr and started Those White Walls as it is today… Kind of. Originally the blog was a way for me to document my 2013 summer adventure  in New York City. I wrote about what I ate, where I went, what I wore, what plays I saw, who I met, art exhibitions and pretty much anything else you can think of. To be completely honest, it was all over the place. After about a year and a half of inconsistent posts , I completely refocused, and Those White Walls started becoming what I had always hoped, what it is today.

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From a young age I was always the girl who would help my friends put together outfits  and lend out my wardrobe. I'll never forget a trip I took with my five best girlfriends at age 16 and one night looking around and realizing all six of us were dressed in my clothes. I loved it. 

My goal in writing Those White Walls has always been to help give women the confidence to express their uniqueness through their own personal style. I hoped that if I could help my friends put together outfits they loved that I could also do so for my future readers, YOU! This is my outlet to share things I love, from fashion to fitness, food, skin care, travel and more in hopes offering inspiration that you will love too! Thanks for joining me on this journey! You guys are seriously the best and I am so humbled and honored to have YOU as a part of Those White Walls.

xx Ali