Haircare Tips: How to Avoid Damage and Breakage

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SO! Recently I've been noticing some serious damage to my hair. As far as I knew, I thought I took really good care of my hair! I've never dyed it... I don't over wash... But apparently there are so many preventative measures we can take to protect our hair from damage and breakage. Last week, I decided to chop my hair. This was a good first step in removing the damaged ends. I chatted with my stylist about ways to protect my hair and prevent further damage.  There are so many simple ways to protect your hair that I had never thought about. So, in hopes of preventing future damage, here are some simple steps we can take to keep our hair healthy. 

The thing my stylist said to be the most careful about was heat. This one you've probably heard before but I have to reiterate! Do NOT overheat. First thing to be careful of is your blowdryer. Make sure it's not overheating. Oftentimes super cheap or really old blowdryers get hot, hot, hot! If it feels too hot on your scalp when blowdrying, it's time to replace it! It could be causing serious damage to your hair. I use the TYME hair dryer and really recommend it.

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When using any type of heat tool, it's important to use a heat protectant before blowdrying or using your heat tools. HERE is a great one by TYME. Oftentimes your heat tools have temperature settings... Try and set them a little lower than normal. You probably don't need as much  heat as you think to do the trick.  Excessive heat could be another factor causing your hair to sizzle. 

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And then there are hair tie struggles! Ever get hair ties tangled in your hair? Yup. Me too. When you yank these out it can wreck havoc with your mane. Use the fabric hair ties to avoid this situation.

Also, try to avoid dry brushing your hair! This is one thing I've been guilty of almost every day... But I never thought it could be wrecking my hair! Our hair is much less tangled while wet after conditioning than it is dry. Try your best to only brush out at this point. Forcing to brush through tangled hair should be avoided to decrease the risk of damage.

A good brush also helps maintain healthy locks.  TYME makes 3 great ones. Find them HERE.

If you're able, try to only wash your hair 2-3 times per week. Over shampooing can be extremely drying which can cause damage.  You can still wet your hair in the shower, just skip shampooing every day! You'll actually be surprised how much extra volume you can get when skipping washes. Just throw in a little dry shampoo and you're golden.

If you have any other tips to keep your hair healthy and strong, I'd love to hear them! Leave them in the comments! Find coupon codes to shop TYME hair products HERE.


xx Ali