Gift Guide for the New Home Owner

I moved into my condo a year and a half ago now and I swear I am still finding new items that I need (and/or want)! It’s been a journey figuring out what is worth investing in and what the “must haves” are. There are many items that seem unnecessarily expensive but at this point I feel like I have nailed down what is worth the splurge. My attitude is now that I own a place, I’m ready to furnish it properly and invest some money in things that I will continue to take with me through life (and that will make my house a home that I love coming back to).

Having a new home is extremely exciting but is definitely a learning experience! It’s funny how as an adult the things you get excited about are the perfect trash can and a great vacuum (which I have found the best of both and I’m still SO excited about them)… I wanted to share with you guys a few of my must have items and some great gift items for the first time home owner! Whether you’re buying yourself, or have a friend buying or and you’re looking for the perfect housewarming gift… This is your guide to gifts at every price point for the new homeowner.

Pictured in my home:  Mackenzie Childs kitchenware

Pictured in my home: Mackenzie Childs kitchenware


MacKenzie-Childs Tea Kettle
MacKenzie-Childs kitchenware is so special because much of it is hand made meaning it is one of a kind. It adds a great POP to any kitchen and will be a piece(s) you will cherish and hold onto forever. You can find gifts from MC starting at about $40 up to a few hundred. My Flower Market Tea Kettle is my favorite piece (pictured above) and is $120. It doubles as art because it’s so beautiful, I never take it off of my stove.

Josh Young Art
Josh Young is a fabulous artist right here in good ol’ Chicago! His pieces are unique and SO versatile. I have one of his awesome portraits in my kitchen (you can see a photo of another one below). He also produces different series of stunning one of a kind works as well as prints. Surely, you can find something for any style of home. Plus… if you need some home decor inspo you definitely want to FOLLOW JOSH.

Le Labo Hand Soap
This is heaven in hand soap. The smell is unbelievable. It makes a GREAT gift because it’s a bit of a splurge ($22) for hand soap but a great price point for a housewarming gift! If you want to spend a tad more, pair it with the Le Labo Hand Lotion. It’s the perfect thing for a powder bathroom or to keep all for yourself in the master!

Otherland Candle Set
Otherland makes the most beautiful candle sets and they smell fantastic! I’m a bit picky about scents and so far, I love every candle of theirs that I have burned. In fact, I have 3 that are almost completely burned out! These are a great addition to any home and perfect housewarming gift.

Pictured:  Josh Young Prints (image via Josh Young)

Pictured: Josh Young Prints (image via Josh Young)


Smeg Toaster
I only upgraded to a Smeg toaster recently. Somehow, my previous $3 garage sale toaster (see below) treated me well for FIVE YEARS! Once she went kaput, I was ready to invest in a toaster that not only gets the job done but looks GREAT in my kitchen. They come in tons of colors so you can find one for any space.

Framebridge Custom Frame
It’s hard to create something more special than a memory. Whether you want a gift for a friend and have a great photo you’d like framed, or you have a family keepsake just sitting around, Framebridge will custom frame it for you to create a beautiful keepsake. I have quite a few photos I’ve taken that have been custom framed by Framebridge… But, my most special piece is a vintage Hermes scarf that my Bubby gifted to me before she died. I mailed it to Framebridge and they turned it into the MOST gorgeous piece of art. Now, I can admire it every day and it always makes me smile.

Simple Human Trash Can
Alright alright, I know what you’re thinking…. A TRASH CAN?! Yes, people. Listen to me. This Simple Human trash can changed my life (see below). I didn’t have a place for a concealed can so I was determined to find something that looked nice since it’s out in the open. THIS can not only looks sleek and fits in perfectly with my kitchen but it has liners made specifically for the can so that you don’t see them AT ALL from the outside. It also has a technology that locks in the stink. So yeah… this is one of my favorite things I own and worth EVERY penny. It completely transformed my kitchen when I swapped out my old trash can for this beauty.

Sonos Speaker
My Sonos Speaker is also a fairly new addition… up until 3 months ago or so I was using my Alexa to play music in my house and let me tell you! There is NO comparison! I am able to fill my entire 1100 square foot condo with ONE speaker. And the quality? Oh… the quality is unreal. If you’re a music lover and listen to music frequently at home, you will LOVE this speaker. You can also connect multiple speakers through bluetooth to create surround sound in your home! I definitely want to do this eventually so I don’t have to blast the one speaker. Nice even sound throughout my home is music to my ears!

Pictured in my home:  Simple Human trash can, vintage rug from MVR, Josh Young print

Pictured in my home: Simple Human trash can, vintage rug from MVR, Josh Young print


One of a kind, vintage rug from MVR
A vintage Moroccan rug brings life into any space! I have a few throughout my house (shown above in my kitchen and one shown below in my brother’s place) and they are definitely a highlight of my home. I like to keep things fairly neutral but this way, I’m able to bring a subtle color pop into my home and I adore it.

Burrow Couch
Burrow is an incredible modern couch company that makes sleek, affordable pieces for any space. The cushions are reversible so they can be tufted or smooth and they click together SUPER easily. I bought my brother a Burrow as a housewarming gift when he moved into his condo over the Summer (see below) and the 2 of us put it together super easily. Their couches start at $845 for a love seat but look and feel like they’d have a luxury price tag. They also have built-in USB outlets so you can charge your devices right there. So cool!

Dyson Vacuum
Another thing I never thought I’d get so excited about… my Dyson cordless vacuum is a game changer AND it’s on sale right now for over 30% off)! It makes vacuuming SO easy and is small so you don’t need a lot of storage for it. Keep in mind that if you have a large home, one charge on this will not be enough to vacuum your home. So, this vacuum is really ideal for apartments, condos, or smaller homes.

Vitamix Blender
This is one thing I don’t own but it’s definitely on my wish list. My parents have a Vitamix and it makes morning smoothies and homemade soups SO easy and fast. I honestly don’t even know all of it’s functions but I know it’s way better than any other blender I’ve ever used and I can’t wait to own one myself one day!

Pictured in my brothers home:  Burrow couch and vintage rug from MVR

Pictured in my brothers home: Burrow couch and vintage rug from MVR

What are your must have items in your home!?