10 Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Sanctuary


1. Find the most comfortable mattress. Mine is Tuft and Needle and I absolutely love it. Tuft and Needle was founded by two people in search of the perfect mattress. Sick of finding ones that were thousands of dollars and were not as comfortable (or the quality) as they should be, they created the honest company, Tuft and Needle. I was a little nervous about trying the "mattress in a box" thing but I am SO glad I did. I knew I loved the mattress night one and 9 months later I haven't changed my mind a bit. I love getting into bed every night.

2. Put a dimmer switch on your light. Don't think you can't set some ambiance for just yourself! Installing a dimmer on your light switch is inexpensive and luxurious. I love being able to keep the lights dim early in the morning and late at night. Waking up and being able to keep your light fixture dim is such a nice calm way to start your day.

bedroom side table

3. Keep it minimal. White paint is not boring! My whole house is painted in a Benjamin Moore soft white color from Skokie Paints. My advice is to pick a theme and stick to it. My color scheme is white and gold. By keeping it consistent, it creates a seamless flow through the whole room to make it more put together!

bedroom art work

4. Get an essential oil diffuser. Diffusing essential oils is a game changer. Put a diffuser at your bedside, along with some soothing oils (lavender and eucalyptus are my faves). This really creates a stress free atmosphere and helps you relax and, in turn, fall asleep easier. Nobody complains about a great smelling room either...

5. Leave the TV out of the bedroom. Leaving the TV out of the bedroom eliminates any distraction from necessary relaxation. It also allows you to enjoy your room for it's simplicity and comfort.

bedroom vanity

6. Adding subtle design elements makes all the difference (ex: I changed out the hardware on my closet doors and put on brass and marble handles). It’s a simple way to make a huge update! The hardware that I switched out is made by CB2. It is crazy how a little thing like closet handles can change the atmosphere of your bedroom! I highly recommend making subtle updates (doesn't need to be expensive either) to help acheive the aesthetic you're going for.

jewelry storage

7. Have plenty of storage and organization to keep it clean and everything put away! By keeping your room clutter free, it makes you feel more put together and less stressed. I know if I have clothes or anything spread all over my room, I feel so overwhelmed when I walk in my room to go to sleep. Having plenty of storage makes staying organized so much easier! Storage and organization can still be pretty and chic! Check out some of my favorites below! 

8. Splurge on an amazingly soft throw blanket. I mean who doesn't love cuddling up in bed with an oversized soft blanket?! At the end of the day, unwinding with a luxurious soft throw will make you so much more relaxed in your own space. I just want to cuddle up with mine right now as I am writing this! 

dog in bed

9. Buy yourself one nice pillow. I sleep with the My Pillow but the other 3 pillows on my bed were $3.99 at TargetIt is okay to splurge on the one pillow you will be sleeping with. We all know comfort comes with a price, but you will be so thankful for the amazing night’s sleep you will get on this pillow. However, not all your pillows need to be pricey. You can find some filler pillows for $3.99 at Target for your shams, along with some adorable throw pillows as well! 

10. Don't forget about the headboard! Headboards can be expensive but you can find great ones for a good price and it makes your room look and feel so much more put together. I got mine from Lex Mod. It was fairly inexpensive yet really pulled the room together. Even with just a simple upholstered headboard, it really makes your room look more luxe and polished.

How do you make your room feel extra cozy?

xx Ali