3 Ways To Style My Favorite Summer Jean: The Cropped Flare


I often get the question, what is your current favorite trend? Right now, the answer is easy! One of my favorite trends right now is the cropped flare! Once I give this answer, it is almost always followed up with; but, how do I style them?! I decided the best way to answer this question was to show you! Here are three, easy to put together outfits for any occasion featuring my favorite summer jean, the cropped flare!

Sleek and Sexy
For a bit more of a dressed up look, I like the idea of something sleek and sexy with the cropped flare. I styled them here with a simple white belted blazer, a sleek low bun and dark lip for a contrast. I decided to go with no top underneath the blazer. Add a bit of fashion tape and it's an easy way to elevate the blazer look a bit! For a shoe, I went with a simple nude sandal. One key to styling the cropped flare is to keep your ankle exposed otherwise it cuts off your legs in a funny spot. I would advise staying away from any bootie, hightop or any shoe that covers your ankle. Wearing a shoe that exposes your ankle will help ensure your legs look elongated.

Elevated Casual
For an every day look, I styled the cropped flare with a simple, clean white button down shirt and a slip on, low heeled, comfortable mule. To give the outfit a little oomf I added a fun red and white striped hat. I can't wait to wear this outfit again!

Easy Everyday
Styling the cropped flare is as easy as an oversized sweater and a simple sneaker. I added a little pop of color with a beautiful lavender and went for a simple white low top sneaker. If you want an easy, chic look, never be afraid to do a cute jean, tank, tee or sweater and a sneaker and head out the door! Simple is never a bad thing! 

Don't be scared to try new styles and experiment a little bit! You can start simply and build from there. Remember, basic is never a bad thing! 

xx Ali