The Smile Cycle: Before & After Pictures!

new smile

Last year I did The Smile Cycle! I had been debating Invisalign for about 5 years before starting… I’m really glad I didn’t do it earlier because I had the BEST experience doing The Smile Cycle. The Smile Cycle IS Invisalign… it’s just a newer technology which was created by the 3 owners of Dentologie, a local Chicago dental practice that allows them to offer customers Invisalign at about half the time AND half the cost! They are actually the largest Invisalign provider in the City of Chicago! While traditional Invisalign is $5,000, Dentologie is able to offer The Smile Cycle at $2850 and most cases are complete in 28 weeks vs. 1 year!

I was nervous to begin… nervous it wouldn’t change my teeth much (I didn’t feel like they were very bad beforehand), nervous I would speak differently with my trays in and nervous I wouldn’t like my new smile in the end. Turns out…. none of that was true! I’m thrilled the with results and I’m so excited to finally share my before and after photos from The Smile Cycle!

before and after invisalign

My teeth are so much better aligned now… I honestly can’t believe it’s such a drastic change! I notice it most from the side, where my teeth weren’t even before, they definitely are now! My dentist, Dr. M said he’s most happy with the expansion we’ve created with my smile. At first… I didn’t really get what he meant. But, looking at these photos side by side makes it so clear that my smile really has expanded!

After finishing The Smile Cycle, I just wear retainers when I sleep. They are very similar to your Invisalign trays but they are slightly thicker. It hasn’t been a problem to wear them at night. They don’t bother me one bit! I just leave them next to my toothbrush to remind myself to put them in before bed. Believe it or not, I’ve only forgotten to wear them ONE night so far! Dr. M says I’ll wear the retainers at night for 3 or so years to make sure my teeth are in placed. From there I can wear them less often. Honestly, it’s just become a part of my routine to put them in so I don’t even think about i!

Dentologie makes The Smile Cycle process accessible and easy. The staff is beyond welcoming and make you feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. You can tell they are genuinely happy to answer your questions and make sure that your Smile Cycle experience is as seamless and possible.

If you’re interested in more info, call and make a consultation appointment! Consultations are completely free! You can also find the first post I wrote about my Smile Cycle experience HERE!

If you have any other questions, please send them my way! More than happy to chat with y’all as always!

xx, Ali