Travel Necessities: The Best Travel Bags

Best Travel Bags
Travel Necessities: The Best Travel Bags

1. Best “fits all my stuff” Travel Bag
Quilted Koala - Luxe North South Bag

2. Best “Don’t Want to Check It” Luggage
Away - the Bigger Carry-On with Pockets

3. Best “No Wheels Please” Luggage
Quilted Koala - Large Duffel

4. Best “Fits Your Whole Life” Luggage
Away - the Large

5. Best “Compartment” Bag
Quilted Koala - East West Bag

6. Best “Most Dope Looking” Luggage
Away - the Aluminum Addition

7. Best “Look Ma, no hands” Bag
Quilted Koala - Backpack

I’ve been lucky to travel in my life quite a bit! I’ve gone through lots of different travel bag options and by now, I think (key word; think) I have packing down to a t! The most important thing? Great travel bags to keep things organized! 2 years ago I got my first AWAY suitcase and they have been game changers! There is no going back. The hard case, capability to lock, external chargers, packing cubes, and international convertors that come with the suitcase make them hard to beat. As far as hand luggage goes. I have absolutely fallen in love with Quilted Koala! They make the best organized, large carry on bags and they’re SO cute. I also love that you’re able to customize them with different icons. I have two so far (both pictured and linked below) one with a giant peace sign and one with a gold and silver stripe. Now that I’ve got the best travel bags locked down… packing for each trip is so much easier and the physical travel is simplified! Find all the best travel bags for whatever your needs are above! Use code: Ali20 for 20% off from Quilted Koala !

xx Ali