Tips For Taking Care Of Fine Hair (That I Never Knew... Until NOW)

hair cut

I’ve had just about every different length of hair over the years (see below)… but the one thing that’s never changed? My hair has always been very very thin. A couple weeks ago, I got a haircut and the Rejuvenate treatment from David Garcia at Mario Tricoci salon in the Bloomingdales building. A few things to note… It’s one of the best haircuts I’ve had, my hair hasn’t felt this healthy in a long time… and I haven’t had a bad hair day since. Not an exaggeration. I’ve even had a handful of very sweet members of my insta fam DM me since this haircut saying my hair has never look better (thanks, gals)!!!

This is something you’ve heard me talk about before, but last year, I started seeing my hair breaking in a major way. I was confused because I do my best to keep my hair pretty healthy. I’ve never dyed it and I try to keep heat tools to a minimum! I have asked every hairstylist and beauty guru I’ve met in the last year for tips on how to improve the health of my hair, end the breakage, get it back to normal but hopefully even better than what I’d considered my normal. David, my stylist at Mario Tricoci (who I adore by the way) gave me advice that I had NEVER heard before. SO! Obviously I had to share with you!
*Please note: these were tips given specifically for my hair and my hair type, thin and dry! I have used these tips and they have done wonders for me! I hope they help you too but I can not guarantee that what has worked for me will work for you*


The tips he shared with me are:

  • You’ve heard many versions of this one before… but! Shampoo is NOT your friend. Even the ones that conceal the icky stuff. You two ain’t friends. Use dry shampoo often and try your best to wash your hair only 2-3 times per week.

  • Hair oil SHOULD NOT be used on wet hair. When your hair is wet, the cuticle is open and a hair oil can be much too heavy for thin hair when it’s wet and can actually ADD to the breakage and damage.

  • You should use a hair mask AT LEAST every time you wash! I use the Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask. I was always under the impression that hair masks should only be used once or twice a week because they’re heavy. In fact, you should use a mask very frequently in shower to help repair and restore your hair! I’ve been using mine now 3-4 times a week even on days I don’t shampoo!

  • DO NOT rub your towel on your hair/head to help your hair dry faster. Either pat dry or simply put your hair up in a towel but avoid friction! The friction from the towel (especially on thin hair) can cause more damage and breakage.

  • Leave in mask/conditioner is your bestie. Put a leave in conditioner in the ends of your hair every time you rinse or wash your hair. I use THIS Kerastase leave in and love it.

  • TRIM TRIM TRIM! Every 6-8 weeks give your hair a good refresh and CUT IT. Keeping the ends clean and healthy will help improve the rest of your hairs health.

  • Supplements work! David told me to continue to take Biotin to help with my hair health and growth. I’ve also been taking collagen supplements and am starting Nutrafol this week!!

Do you have any hair tips to share with each other!?

xx Ali