Tips For Floral Arranging 101

Floral Arranging DIY

While I was in Upstate New York having a magical week with Mackenzie-Childs a couple weeks back, I had we had the opportunity to learn how to make floral arrangement with the masters! I thought it’d be really fun to share a few tips that I picked up with you babes! This is such an adorable and meaningful homemade gift idea! Plus, ain’t ever a bad thing to have a beautiful bouquet in your own home! Here’s what I learned!

Floral Arranging DIY
  • Start by thinking of the shape- will you see all sides? Will it be against a wall? Design your arrangement for the exact space it will end up!

  • Start with your foliage and build your shape! You can make a little grid with the stems for space for the florals! Though picking out which flowers you want to use is the fun part, don’t forget about a little foliage! Some green is always good, and compliments the pops of color nicely!

  • Add the taller florals first, and place them throughout your arrangement! It will be easier to fill in with the shorter florals!

  • Find a few different kinds of florals! Focus on a few different forms - different shapes: some wide, some linear, some filler pieces - wax flowers are great, especially if you want your arrangement to keep! The more colors and varieties, the more beautiful the arrangement!

  • You can either make little clusters with your other flowers or fill them throughout your vase!

  • Be sure to strip all leaves along the bottom of the stems, as there should be no leaves in your water. This makes the florals last longer! Leaves in the water make more bacteria and kills your flowers faster - who knew?!

  • When all florals and greenery is placed, cut down based on the shape you want!

Floral Arranging DIY
Floral Arranging DIY

I went for a full floral arrangement that would be seen from all around (perfect round dining room table center piece). Turned out a little wild (just like me) but I think it’s fun and a great first attempt! The best part about making your own floral arrangement is that there is no wrong or right way, there’s just YOUR way! And if it’s a gift for someone, they will appreciate that it was, most importantly, made with love!

Happy arranging my loves!

xx Ali