3 Conservative Work Looks That Are Everything But Boring

3 conservative work looks

Just because you go into an office everyday doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself through what you wear! I’ve heard so many of my friends complain about the fact that they have to wear “boring” clothes to their offices… my question is: WHY? If you’re dressing appropriate and conservatively enough for your workplace then why in the world do you have to dress boring!? ! I wanted to share a few ideas on how to spice things up without making it too spicy for the workplace! Feeling good about how you look spills over to feeling good about other aspects of your life; more confidence equates to more productivity! Plus, won’t it feel great to be able to meet your friends for dinner/happy hour straight from the office and love what you’re wearing!? Here are a few outfit ideas to get your fashion juices flowing!

Suit:   Kobi Halperin   // Bag: Celine (  similar here  ) // Heels:   Schutz

Suit: Kobi Halperin // Bag: Celine (similar here) // Heels: Schutz

1. Explore a different color scheme!

When we think of a suit suitable (lol) for the workplace, we automatically think of black, but why not have a little fun with color?! It’s such an easy way to stand out, but in the best way! A monochromatic look is so chic and easy! I adore this pale pink Kobi Halperin suit with floral detail. Choosing a color other than black for a full monochromatic look will make you look extremely put together and sophisticated. This suit is definitely an investment piece but there are so many ways to make those investment pieces go further! You can wear the blazer with a pair of white jeans and a heel for a midrange look or to dress it down even more, swap the heels for a sleek white sneaker. Also! You can wear just the suit pants with a beautiful white blouse for the workplace or dress the pants down with a white tee and jean jacket! Wearing a suit as separates gives you so many looks, both dressy and casual making an investment suit much more tempting!

Sweater:   Kobi Halperin   // Pants:   Aritzia   // Bag: Prada (  similar here  ) // Pumps:   Sam Edelman

Sweater: Kobi Halperin // Pants: Aritzia // Bag: Prada (similar here) // Pumps: Sam Edelman

2. Stay within your comfort zone, but add a little flair!

I’ll never knock the color black, because it is my favorite color to wear! You will never go wrong with a full black look. Don’t want to stray too far from your black suit? Totally cool! I get it! There are still so many ways we can give the full black look a little (literal and figurative) flare! I thought this Kobi Halperin sweater with feather detail was fabulous, and these bell-bottom trousers were a trendy twist to the traditional straight-legged trouser. A high waisted flare really elongates your legs which is an added bonus. I love playing with shape to give the outfit more dimension. Pairing the form fitting pant with an oversized cardigan did just the trick! Think about playing with shape and texture and adding some subtle feathers or embellishments to give your basic black look a little flair while keeping it comfortable and true to you!

Blazer:   Zara   // Pants:   Commando     // Pump:   Sam Edelman     // Bag:   Amazon

Blazer: Zara // Pants: Commando // Pump: Sam Edelman // Bag: Amazon

3. Be edgy, but appropriate!

I am a leather-loving lady, so I was excited to incorporate my favorite leather leggings into a conservative work look! You can keep the look edgy with a leather pant, but cover your bum with a long line belted blazer so you don’t look like you’re going to the club (lol)! The long line blazer makes the look professional, but the leather pant adds an element of fun! My rule when wearing leather pants conservatively is to make sure that you’re whole entire booty is covered by your top. You can easily add a long sweater underneath and wear the jacket open as well!

xx Ali