My Everyday Necklaces

My Everyday Necklaces

I grew up in a family that adores jewelry; my mom and Bubby always layering it on! I’ve gone through phases of a full stack for months to none at all for months. I’m currently obsessed with the stack I’ve been wearing for the last six months or so and it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon! This collection I wear on my neck everyday never comes off, and I mean never - we’re talking at the gym, in the shower, in my sleep… always on! I took it off for the wedding in Spain but that’s one of the only times I’ve done so! It’s become one of my signature fashion staples, and one of my most frequently asked questions! SO! Here’s a round-up of my every day necklace stack! The beauties I wear around my neck are all different prices, mixing both investment pieces and budget-friendly options! Feel free to mix metals too! There’s no right or wrong way, just your own way to personalize your style! Find some more of my favorite layering pieces linked below as well!

My everyday gold necklaces

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Name Plate Necklace: $40, obsessed with the personalization pieces! The one I wear around my neck says Obi Wan because I’m a proud dog mama! Onecklace has a ton of different fonts and styles at every price point!

Just the 2 Of Us: $895, this piece is special to me because it’s from my mom and I’s jewelry line! It’s 14k gold and diamonds, which is why this baby would be classified as a beautiful investment piece!

Old English Letter: $12, the Old English script looks so chic, and this price is perfect! I found it on Etsy! Always love supporting an artisan and small business!

Lana Gold Chain: $395, this is the perfect layering necklace, and though it’s a little pricey, it’s 14k gold so it’s hearty and won’t tarnish! I’ve received so many compliments on this gorgeous choker! I’ve had it for almost 3 years and it still looks good as new!

Shop some of my other favorite neck candy here!

xx Ali