My Skincare Secret Weapons


If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that my skin care journey has been an interesting one. At 25 years old (2.5 years ago), I started having pretty rough adult acne. As someone who had been lucky to not suffer from acne as a teenager, I thought I was in the clear. Honestly, I took it pretty hard. I was extremely self conscious, wouldn’t go anywhere without makeup and found myself being really hard on myself. In an industry that’s all about aesthetic, I found myself for the first time, uncomfortable in my own skin… literally.

I started trying every product and started going to Leah Chavie Skincare for regular treatments. You can read all about the treatments I do with her HERE. I also cleaned up my diet and almost completely eliminated dairy because it makes me break out. I also do my best to really limit my carb intake because sadly, my favorite food group and my skin apparently don’t get along very well. I feel like at this point, I’ve gotten to a pretty dang good spot with my skin. Although, let’s be real… it ain’t perfect. Currently dealing with some serious hormonal breakouts and not so thrilled about it… but, such is life. AM I RITE!?

I know people joke about how we bloggers talk about our skincare routines and nobody cares to know… but ya’ll I get asked almost every single day about my skin. That’s why I’m talking about it! I realized, I somehow had never done a roundup of the products I use EVERY SINGLE day. Sure, I try a lot of different things and rotate in some others here and there… But these 12 things are my can’t live without, skincare secret weapons. Below is all the info about when, how and why I use these products! ALWAYS feel free to reach out with questions about anything at all!

My Skincare Secret Weapons

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Almay Makeup Wipes- I first discovered these during my partnership with Almay at the beginning of 2018. I had never been a big fan of makeup wipes because I felt that the ones I had tried were pretty harsh on my skin. I gave these a go and have been hooked every since. They are extremely gentle and moisturizing! They leave your skin feeling silky smooth and doesn’t burn your eyes when you take off your eye makeup- SCORE!

Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment- For those pesky breakouts that just seem like I’ll never be free from… I’ve tried a lot of overnight spot treatments but this has been my absolute favorite. It’s tough on your skin, but not too tough and I see results usually night one! Not to say it completely eliminates a breakout over night (sometimes if you’re lucky it does!) But it does definitely bring overnight results. PRO TIP- don’t over dry your skin because your body will then think it needs to produce more oil causing extra breakouts! Use this sparingly!

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash- My doctor actually recommended this to me 2.5 years ago. Ironically, it’s what I used and loved in high school!!! It’s a gentle cleanser that targets breakouts and doesn’t over dry. I generally use this once every other day.

Tula So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub- OK Y’ALL! This has been a GAME CHANGER! TULA launched this product about a month ago and I wanted to give it a real try before sharing. Welp, one month in and this is 100% a new part of my skincare routine, I’m obsessed! It’s a great, gentle sugar exfoliant that’s also extremely hydrating and packed with skin loving probiotics. My skin is GLOWING after each use. It also leaves your skin ready to absorb your other products better and in turn, see more change. Can’t recommend this stuff enough. It’s directed to use 2-3 times per week. If you don’t already exfoliate often, I would start there. As your skin gets used to exfoliation, you can use it a little more frequently. I exfoliate almost daily now but add days delicately to see how your skin reacts. Each one of us is different so use it at the frequency that’s right for you! You can always use code: ALI20 for 20% off of TULA.

Tula Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm- Not to sound repetitive but DAMN this stuff is GOOD. Also a newer TULA release this eye balm does EXACTLY what the name of it says. It brightens and seriously cools. I put it on each morning under my makeup and it instantly wakes up my eyes. You feel the cooling effect for long after it’s applied. I also apply it at night with my moisturizer and it feels incredibly reviving after a long day! This is a great one too to throw in your bag and re apply throughout the day for an instant eye lift! You can always use code: ALI20 for 20% off of TULA.

Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil- Ok, I want to keep writing that this has been a game changer for me… but that’s why they are in this blog post! They have all absolutely changed my skin game. I started using Trilogy Rosehip Oil a few months back and have seen insane results. I use it every night before bed and go to sleep nice and oily. HA! Rosehip has amazing calming and anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps reduce scarring and wrinkles and overall just nourishes and replenishes your skin. I practically drink this stuff it’s that good.

Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream- The BEST, gentle day and night moisturizer for any skin type. All I have to say about this one is that it’s the perfect weight, moisturizes without being too heavy and just makes your skin feel GREAT! I’ve been using it for years and always click that re-order button when mine is running low. You can use this day AND night or if you want something a little heavier for nighttime, I use the below which is my #1 holy grail product. You can always use code: ALI20 for 20% off of TULA.

Tula Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment- This product is my absolute obsession. I tell everyone in my life they need it. HA! It’s packed with probiotics and is the most hydrating product I’ve ever used. I literally can feel my skin absorbing the moisture and it feels amazing! It uses natural peptides to renew the look of your skin and you feel a difference overnight! You can always use code: ALI20 for 20% off of TULA.

Tula Purifying Face Cleanser- The best, gentle cleanser in the game. It’s easy on your skin and good for it too! I like to double cleanse to make sure all of my makeup is removed and I’m actually cleansing my skin. I use this to double cleanse every other day. On opposite days, I cleanse first with this and second with the Neutrogena acne wash that I mentioned above.

Erborian Touch Pen Complexion Sculptor and Concealer- These two products are my base layer for my makeup and make my skin look even and glowy! This concealer pen is BOMB. Great, natural coverage. It comes in a click pen which I really like as well. I apply it after the below BB cream. I’ve been using this concealer for 2 or so years and am hooked!

Erborian BB Creme- I was hesitant to jump on the BB cream train at first. But as soon as I tried this creamy, moisturizing BB Creme with SPF there was no turning back. It’s natural, even coverage that makes your skin look so smooth and glowy. They also make this in a travel size which is perfect to toss in your bag!

Olay Mist- I keep this with me always! I apply right after I finish my makeup to add a little extra glow and hydration! I also love to mist myself throughout the day. It’s so calming and keeps your skin looking and feeling fresh and hydrated. Obsessed with this stuff.

Well, ya’ll! These are my daily holy grails of skin care! These products have all been game changers for me. If you try them, hope you love them like I do! If you have questions, holla at your girl.

xx Ali