10 Ways To Make Your Day A Little Brighter

10 Ways To Make Your Day A Little Brighter

With fall upon us, so are all the changes that come with it - gray skies, cooler weather, shorter, darker days - bringing with it all the feels that make you just want to cuddle up with a warm pumpkin spice (fill in the blank)! I’ve made a list of 10 ways to make your day (and maybe someone else’s as well) a little bit brighter despite the overcast skies! After all, it’s my favorite season, and there’s always a reason to smile!

10 Ways To Make Your Day A Little Brighter
  • Paint your nails with a bright color! Treat yourself to a manicure and pick the perfect pop of color! While I love a good “Lincoln Park After Dark” shade, a bright color is unexpected and brings a little fun to your fall wardrobe!

  • Do a random act of kindness to bring joy to a stranger’s day (and yours as well, I guarantee!) Whether it be paying for someone’s morning coffee, complimenting someone, picking up litter on the street…it can be simple but make a big difference! Like my Old Navy t-shirt says, do the nice thing!

10 Ways To Make Your Day A Little Brighter
  • Style your favorite, comfy Old Navy joggers in a fabulous way! Who said your fleece joggers are just for your couch? Joggers have become such a fashion staple in my closet (finally, the fashion world is convinced that sweats are chic!) They can be dressed up or down with different shoes, accessories or layers! Fleece, but make it fashion!

  • Call your best friend for no reason other than to say hello! Hearing their voice and laughing is the perfect mid-day pick-me-up!

  • Take a workout class! I know the last thing I feel like doing on a gray day is getting off my booty and going to the gym, but a class is a fun way to get your endorphins flowing! You will 100% feel amazing afterwards, and it’s never too early to work on next summer’s bikini bod! ;)

  • Buy yourself flowers! I love doing this all year round, but especially living in the Midwest where all plants and trees die with the season change, it’s nice to have some beautiful life in my home! Trader Joe’s has the best-priced selection ever (seriously, it’s less than my chai latte), so I try and make it a weekly thing!

  • Treat yourself to your favorite treat…mine being a Venti chai latte from Starbuck’s (my friends know, I have chai running through my veins)! A little extra sugar ain’t never hurt nobody! Splurge on your favorite drink or dessert! It’s called a treat because you’re supposed to treat yourself! Duh!

  • Light your favorite candle! One of my favorites is Voluspa’s “Goji Tarocco Orange”! The glow of the flame is so cozy for fall, and a beautiful fall scent can trigger happy feelings! Cinnamon, pumpkin spice, brown sugar, caramel, vanilla, amber….seriously the best yummy smells season!

  • Put on an upbeat Spotify playlist! While I’m working, I love to put on old Taylor Swift! It evokes fond, silly memories with my girlfriends, and easily brings a smile to my face!

  • A little retail therapy (are you surprised?!) I just bought this whole fall outfit from Old Navy, and it’s the perfect look to take you from your couch to errands to dinner with your bestie! Shop my look below!

10 Ways To Make Your Day A Little Brighter

Cheers to brighter days!

xx Ali

A big thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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