Photo Diary: Austin Texas

Yesterday, Oren and I returned from a long weekend getaway to Austin, Texas! We had both heard it was a great city with amazing food. So, we found some cheap plane tickets and headed South! Our main mission was to eat barbecue and lots of it! We feasted at Stubbs, Green Mesquite, Freedman's, Iron Works and of course, Franklins! I'd say we covered BBQ pretty darn good (see our epic Franklins plate in photo below).

But we didn't just eat Barbecue. Our favorite non BBQ places were Jacoby's for a nicer dinner, El Chilito for tacos (picture below), Amy's Ice Cream (so good we went twice) and East Side King for some amazing food truck Asian Fusion (also pictured below).  

Our favorite things to do in Austin were: walking South Congress, which is such a cool street with great shops and restaurants... We loved exploring and finding all the amazing murals and street art... They are ALL OVER the city... We loved visiting Hamilton Pool Preserve. It is a short hike to a beautiful pool and waterfall (pictured below). Such a great place to spend a hot afternoon. 

Austin totally lived up to our expectations. The food, the city itself and the people were all wonderful. There are food trucks and live music EVERYWHERE and so many places to explore that it's impossible to do it all in one weekend! I would definitely recommend Austin as a fun place to visit if you haven't been already!

Photos by: Oren A Photography