Denim Dawg.

This post is for the dog lovers. The people who only in another world are able to leave the house without being covered in dog hair. And the people who wouldn't want it any other way!

For those of you who have or have seen Frenchies, you know that they have quite the build. Big heads, thick short little bodies. When Obi was tiny he fit into anything but as he got older it was practically impossible to find a harness that fit his goofy little Frenchie body. 

So, when Frenchie Bulldog, a company who makes the very best reversible Frenchie harnesses on the market reached out to us, I was thrilled. They're super fun colors and prints and fit like a gem. I really feel like Obi's secure and comfortable (not to mention super cute) in his awesome Frenchie Bulldog harnesses! We get complimentseverywhere we go! They don't only make harnesses but they also have super fun collars and leashes! So even you dawgs with different body types can have something fun from Frenchie Bulldog!

I want all your Frenchies to be as comfortable and stylish as Obi is thanks to my friends at Frenchie Bulldog! So! We decided to team up and give you all a code for 15% off your entire Frenchie Bulldog order with the code: thosewhitewalls

Obi is wearing the Tie Dye Reversible Harness + leash, the Interstellar Reversible Harness + leash and  the Paradise Reversible Harness

Use the code: thosewhitewalls for 15% off your entire Frenchie Bulldog order!